Barangay 2

organizational structure

Concepcion L. Palo
Punong Barangay

Dylan A. Reciña
Barangay Kagawad
Christopher O. Beltran
Barangay Kagawad
Vinci A. Melendez
Barangay Kagawad
Junrick V. Regañon
Barangay Kagawad
Rhiza Joy A. Cortes
Barangay Kagawad
Joel C. Sta. Maria
Barangay Kagawad
Juliet D. Jumuad
Barangay Kagawad

Barangay Profile

Barangay 2 has total land area of 20 hectares. It is located at the heart of the city. It is bounded by Barangay 1 in the east, Barangay Sumpong in the north, Barangay 3 in the west and Barangay 5 in the south.

It is generally flat, and the only sloping area is along the Old Caul Creek. It is zoned as commercial and residential because it is located in the heart of the city proper or poblacion.


In order to realize the vision of the barangay, we, the responsible leaders shall maximize all our resources to provide our people with the basic social services, lay-out the elements to support the local economy, promote environmental programs and implement the much needed infrastructures and make Barangay 02 an economic zone of the City of Malaybalay


We envision Barangay 02 as a 1st class commercial center, flourishing in trade, vibrant in commerce with civilized, wholesome, resilient and self-reliant citizenry living in a sound environment, well-grounded infrastructures and governed by reliable and competent leaders.

Historical Background

Barangay Two was created by virtue of Presidential Decrees (PD) 86, 86A and 210 which were signed by the then President Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1974 after the declaration of Martial Law. These were the legal basis of its creation, as one of the 20 barangays created in the Poblacion by the then mayor, Hon. Timoteo C. Ocaya.

After a year of operation, the Municipal Council of Malaybalay passed a resolution Nos. 246-74 and 249-74 and an implementing Ordinance No. 87 S-74 reducing the number of barangays from 20 to 11 to satisfy the Local Government Code requiring each barangay to have at least a minimum of 1,000 population.

Mayor Ocaya appointed Atty. Nemesio G. Beltran as the first barangay chairman. He was succeeded by Dr. Benjamin Albasin, the first elected barangay chairman.

Below is the list of the barangay captains of barangay 2 since 1974:

Barangay Captain Year Appointed
Atty. Nemesio G. Beltran 1974 (Appointed)
Dr. Benjamin Albasin 1975-1989 (Appointed)
John C. Del Castillo 1989-1991 (Elected)
Agapito Leroan October 1991- February 1994
Elna P. Pimentel March 1994 -November 2007
Marbie S. Binahon December 2007-November 2013
Concepcion L. Palo December 1, 2013 To Present
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