Religious Heritage

The Monastery of Transfiguration– As a spiritual destination, the monastery sprawls through several hundreds of hectares owned by the Benedictine monks who spend their life in farm work and prayer. Their produce, sold in a souvenir shop consist of the famous Monk’s Blend coffee and peanut delicacies. The main church was designed and the last work by national artist Leandro Locsin. This site appeals to the tourist seeking peace quite, communion with nature and appreciating the pure cool air.

Monastery of Carmelite Nuns– The monastery nuns provide an environment of natural attractions with its well kept grounds as well as spiritual blessings of peace renewal.

Jesuit Retreat House– primarily a retreat center, its well kept grounds being on the banks of a creek offer the intrepid a climbing experience amidst a mini rainforest ambiance. Owned by the Jesuits, silence and nature harmony is an unforgettable experience.

Eco – Agri Tourism

MKAETDC– The Mt. Kitanglad Agriculture and Ecological Center is a Gawad Saka 2006 First Place Winner for showcasing an ecological and agricultural all organic, all natural lifestyle. This is a site for bird watching, trekking, camping, fishing and eco-walk. Being situated at the foothill of Mr. Kitanglad, a rare flight of the Bukidnon eagle could be in your sights as you walk along misty eco- trails with a cool temperature to equal that of Trinidad valley in Mt. Province. The site of frequent conferences and seminars, the rustic ambiance is one to snare the ecology oriented tourist at heart.

Lapanday Farm– The sweetest pineapples exported fresh are from this Filipino agri-corporation. Its plantations are located in different sites and the headquarters are found not more than a 10 minute drive from the City’s commercial section. This is owned by the Lorenzo family, a name long associated with the pineapples and agriculture.

Nomiarc and Stock Farm– This area is the site of farm showcases where animals of good stocks (bred) and high value vegetables are seeded and tested for research by government technicians.

The Capistrano Mountains– Located in the Basakan area of the city attracts hardy climbers for its high white rock formation where rock climbing, rapelling and exploring of caves in the area will be a great and exciting activity aside from the refreshing view of green rice fields surrounding the mountain.

The Bukidnon Tree Park– owned by the local government unit, the tree park consists of hills and forest that appeal to hikers and bikers. The foremost area known to many tourists is the festival grounds to the Kaamulan Festival. It also has a Kaamulan Open Theater, the scene of many conferences and performances of local and national performing artist.

Nature Park and Swimming Pool– this natural attraction features scenic environs the site of a varied flora and fauna, providing varied environmental activities of which bird watching is one. A swimming pool and another for children welcome the daring to try clean, coolest water.

Hernandez Ranch– Owned privately by the Hernandez family, the site was developed with horseback riding trails, swimming pools and fishing grounds.

Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park – The name “kitanglad” was derived from a legend that there was once a great flood that submerged the native lands of Bukidnon and only the tip of the mountain, the size of a “tanglad” (lemon grass), remained visible (“kita” in Cebuano).

Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park became a full-pledge protected area in 2000 by virtue of Republic Act (RA) 8978 known as the Mt. Kitanglad Range Protected Area Act of 2000. It is considered one of the country’s priority protected areas and a prime spot for nature ventures like trekking and birdwatching. The range is one of the few remaining rainforest in the Philippines and host to most important diverse species of rare and endemic wildlife like the Philippine Eagle. MKRNP covers 47,270 hectares and is the sacred ancestral domain of the Bukidnon, Talaandig and Higaonon tribes. Five of its peaks have very high elevations: Mount Dulang-dulang, the highest at 2,938 meters (the second highest peak in the country following Mt. Apo in Davao City); Mount Kitanglad at 2,899 meters (officially declared the fourth highest peak in the Philippines) ; Mount Maagnaw at 2,742 meters; Mount Lumuluyaw at 2,612 meters; and Mount Tuminungan at 2,400 meters.

Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) declared Mount Kitanglad Range Natural Park as Heritage Park last May 16, 2010 and joins 27 other heritage parks in the ASEAN region. It is also the third declared ASEAN Heritage Park in the Philippines, after Mt. Apo in Davao, and Mt. Iglit-Baco in Oriental Mindoro.

Panoramic view of the Kitanglad Mountain Range

Cultural / Historical / Heritage

Roxas Monument– The memorial site to the late president Manuel Roxas is a tribute to his heroism during the Japanese Regime when his patriotism and refusal to cooperate with the invaders brought him to imprisonment right in the site for the monument.

Torre ni David– An eccentric house gives the visitor a mix awe, fear and curiosity, having been constructed with faces in the posts and in the grounds, other sculptures. Although not maintained as before, there are remaining vestiges of the glory that was.

Old Acacia Trees– although claims of the age of these trees are not substantiated, the trees are interesting for their steady presence in the city and for their fast dwindling numbers as many of them fall to the unexplained cuttings. The city was once full of them in the national road. One of the remaining is on the ro ad across the plaza and another, in the Bethel Baptist Hospital Compound which in itself is a place for the 40’s style complex of building, a vestige of the missionary days American doctors who started the hospital nearby.

Ereccion de Pueblo – This newly inaugurated monument depicts the negotiation and agreement between the Spanish colonizers and the native leaders, which took place in Malaybalay on June 15, 1877 in what may be the site traditionally described as the banks of the nearby Sakub spring. The source of this depiction is the Spanish document which is a record of the meeting on that date.

OTOP Products of Malaybalay is made from “Hinabol” a native material woven by “Bukidnon-Higaonon” tribe. It is made from abaca fiber and converted to different forms like bags, home decors, ribbons and other uses. Malaybalay Choice Handicrafts, Kamumay, Nida’s Handicrafts, Valdez Handicrafts and Zeta Trading offers original and converted Bukidnon products from hinabol.

Accommodation and Food

The Pine Hills Hotel– The City’s pearl of food, drinks and accommodations, this elegant setting offer quality food and rest for the travelers with discriminating taste and very particular about comfort.

Haus Malibu, Villa Alemania, Plaza View, 1st Avenue, Green Ridge Apartelle and Pelots Guest House – are six of the hotel/accommodation facilities in the city that offer lodging at reasonable prices and clean facilities.

Loiza’s Pavillion– a well situated catering and a place of various social function place, Loiza’s offers fantastic views from all around as guests sip cooling drinks, enjoy delicious morsels from the kitchen and relax for the night in fresh and quiet rooms. Located near the burgeoning expansion area of the city, its delightful setting is a reward in itself.

’ Stable (Cuadra) – in the center of the city is a horse riding facility offering refreshment and experience to children via short ride. There are gazebos with ethnic design for relaxation of parents while the kids enjoy the experience with ponies. The place also offers reasonably priced meals and sleeping quarters.

Jollibee and Mang Inasal – renowned fastfood chains truly Filipino located along the main street of the city fronting one another.

Rey’s Grill, Mindy’s, Mama Lo’s, Fiona’s, Anton’s, Amadeo’s, The Garden, Skyway and Sir Edwards– are only some of the eating places offering grilled seafood and meat. The tasty concoctions of marinades and sauces are enough to restore one’s vitality.

The Bukidnon Brew Café, Mint Leaf Café, Ashley’s Tearoom & Gifts, Le’ Cafe, Isabella, Café Casanova, Sunflower, Pizzahan sa Plaza and Benedict affording a refreshing stop from hectic sightseeing, located in the center of the city are snacks and watering holes for the young and coffee aficionados.

Original Delicacies – Pinasitas of Cake Boom, the OO7 Choco Roll of Em’s Fastfood and the famous krispylicious Chicken Neck of Centro Food and Folk Haus are original recipes and creations that are truly culinary delights the City is proud of.


The Kaamulan Festival– a yearly cultural celebration, this festival is unique for being an event that brings together both tribal and lowlanders together in a mutual appreciation of the ethnic custom and mores. Seven hill tribes (the Talaandig, Higaoonon, Umayamnon, Manobo, Tigwahanon, Matigsalog and Bukidnon) come together with ritual prayers, dances and songs in colorful attire to charm the tourist. It is now three decades that the festival has happened, with side shows of horse races, rodeo and other ethnic events.

Horse Racing and Show– the Malaybalay Horseman Association offer equestrian events to watch out for in the course of the year. They have participated as far north as Cebu and as far south as Davao where they garnered awards for their efforts. This group has also overseen the development of horse breeds and their presents specimens prove the success in this endeavor. The Club President is former judge and present Dean of the College of Law Bukidnon State University and a member of the City Tourism Board Vivencio P. Estrada.

Horse Show and Competition

Trail Riding at Provincial Tree Park and Can-ayan

Airsoft Club Events– recent placer in the just concluded national competition in Ozamiz City, this Outdoor association of Airsoft aficionados gives great fun even to onlookers, while playing in their very challenging and ruggedly designed game course.

Rodeo, Moto-Cross and Offroad Competition– the action for these is often tied up with the festival Kaamulan. The event is participated in by local and national level comp etitors .

Rodeo (Sen. Migs Zubiri participating) and Motocross

Mountain Biking-there is a vigorous presence of mountain bikers who regularly get together and hold their events. These are office workers and career men whose idea of recreation and fitness is mountain biking. Their normal place of congregating is right in Fortich Street across the Bukidnon State University.

Easter Sunday– a dawn mass featuring about a hundred ‘angels’ consisting of children singing quite an event to see every year. It draws together a flood of people usually at the Provincial Capitol grounds having been entrenched in the Church calendar. However, in the 60’s it evolved into a feast that brought children to rehearse and perform in the great discipline for the joy of the feast of resurrection and up to now, this has established itself as a regular event for the people of the city.

Malaybalay is positioning itself as an ecotourism and cultural destination. The resources around will l definitely answer for that vision.


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