Getting Around

First things first. You’d be asking if there are MONEY CHANGERS. Yes, the City has that. Located along the stretch of Fortich Street is the M. Aking’s Money Exchange. While another is inside, right near the entrance of Gaisano, also along Fortich Street. Both money exchange outlets have updated exchange rates.

Now, you’d be asking for banks and ATMs for that easy cash, huh? There’s BPI Express Teller & DBP Offsite ATM, located along Fortich Street. There’s Allied Banking ATM, just infront Plaza Rizal and Landbank’s ATM beside Sta. Ana Enterprises.

Bank of the Philippine Island
Fortich Street
Tel. No. (088) 221-2414

Philippine National Bank
Fortich Street
Tel. No. (088) 221-2176

Land Bank of the Philippines
Fortich Street & Capitol Site
Tel. No. (088) 221-2121 / 221-2584

Allied Bank
Fortich Street
Tel. No. (088) 221-2117

Bukidnon Cooperative Bank
Fortich Street
Tel. No. (088) 221-2603

Development Bank of the Philippines
Bonifacio Drive
Tel. No. (088) 221-2627

Rural Bank of the Malaybalay
Rizal Street
Tel. No. (088) 221-2518

Asian Hills Bank
Fortich Street
Tel. No. (088)221 4697


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