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At least 1000 people benefited from the free Medical and Dental Civic Action Program (MEDCAP) held on April 27 at the Brgy. 10 Basketball Court, Impalambong, Malaybalay City with the theme “Serbisyuhan ang katawhan ug Panalipdan ang yutang natawhan.”

The Activity was organized by Alfa Battery, 10FAB, AAR, together with Brgy. 10, Impalambong, Malaybalay City, there were 208 residents who availed of the medical check-up, 158 availed of the dental extraction, 106 boys, ages five to twelve underwent circumcision, 86 locals availed of the free haircut and 520 barangay folks availed of the feeding program totaling to 1078.

The activity was facilitated by Alfa Battery, 10 FAB, AAR, PA under 1LT DEE JAY P BALISI (FA) PA, with the guidance and support of 10FAB Battalion Commander, LTCOL JOSE VALENTIN Y PANADERO FA (GSC) PA and was made possible through the help of the Artillery Foundation of the Philippines Incorporated, Northeastern Mindanao Alfa (AFPI, NOREASTMIN Alfa) and the City Government of Malaybalay headed by Mayor Ignacio W. Zubiri. assistance

LTCOL PANADERO emphasized in his speech during the opening program that the conduct of the MEDCAP is in line with the IPSP Bayanihan and Army Transformation Roadmap which aims to deliver basic services to its constituents.

“This MEDCAP is wholeheartedly offered to the ultimate beneficiaries of internal peace and security efforts – the Filipino people,” the Battalion Commander also said.

Also present during the opening program was Mr. Romeo L. Lapiceros, the official representative of Mayor Zubiri, who could not make it due to a prior commitment.

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Hon. Ignacio W. Zubiri

City Mayor

Time flies, indeed. It seems like it was only yesterday when I stood before you to deliver my first State of the City Address under my administration, I’ve been in office 20 months now and we are still moving forward together for a strong Malaybalay City.

Our honored guest, Sen. Migz Zubiri, honorable members of the Sangguniang Panglunsod headed by Vice Mayor Hon. Victor Aldeguer, all punong barangays of the 46 barangays of the city, members of the barangay council, Sangguniang Kabataan, Barangay Secretaries and Treasurers, all Department Heads, the Schools Division Superintendent and other school officials, our other partners for the development of Malaybalay, friends, ladies and gentlemen, Maayong Buntag ug Happy 14th Charter Day Celebration kanatong tanan.

Observing the Local Government Code mandate that the Local Chief Executive shall make an annual report to the people, I am bound to deliver this State of the City Address so that you will know what the current situation of the entire city is. This address also presents the changes we have seen because of our strong commitment to make our city one of the premiere developing areas in the country. Allow me to report some of these highlights.

Our Health Programs

Our main health program is the maternal, child health and nutrition program. Infant and maternal deaths are still high. Data from our CHO shows that our efforts to improve the output have improved but it is still far from the levels set by the Millenium Development Goals. One of the interventions needed to address this is the establishment of more lying-in clinics in the barangays. We shall be constructing a lying-in clinic in Brgy. San Martin and St. Peter with a Php 3,000,000.00 grant from the DOH and allocate Php 1,000,000.00 for its equipment and facilities. Our nutrition program has been sustained because of continuous funding for feeding, micro-nutrient supplementation and deworming. Our program for tuberculosis has been very good; records show that our cure rate is high. Our rabies program has also been very well sustained mainly because of the continuous supply of free vaccines from the DOH as well as funding to support the program. The dreaded dengue disease did not cause us much problems last year. There were only 12 cases reported and 1 death as opposed to almost 326 cases and 5 deaths in 2010. Data from the CHO shows that the highest occurrence of death in our city was among the elderly, 70 years old and above caused by pneumonia followed by heart disease, then all forms of cancer and renal disease. The city has partially addressed this problem by providing free pneumonia and influenza vaccine to about 900 senior citizens. We are considering expanding the program to other senior citizens if financial capability will allow us. We are also negotiating with the DOH to provide us with the vaccines at half the price. Also, in the pursuit of wellness of our city employees as well as our people we continue to implement the HATAW program which is on its 11th year as well as the recently implemented “Ehersisyong Pangkalahatan”program which is done every Friday.

Laboratory and Dental Services for our senior citizens continue to be free. Last year we embarked on a free eye check-up program for our senior citizens in all the barangays and subsequently, free eyeglasses were given to them. A total of 2,436 senior citizens benefitted from the program. The city also extends free blood chemistry to all our public school teachers.

Public Safety and Preparedness

The city continues to come up with measures to promote public safety and preparedness at all times. In 2010 vehicular accidents was one of the top causes of death. There were a total of 972 accidents reported. So we revisited our policies and improved our traffic management scheme to install preventive measures specifically at accident prone areas. Our TMC is actively engaged in the apprehension of drivers of vehicles that are in violation of traffic laws and ordinances, especially motorcycle drivers that do not wear helmets or are overloaded. With these programs in place, vehicular accidents decreased significantly. The instruction to our traffic management center is clear and concise; MAKE OUR ROADS SAFER FOR COMMUTERS.

Our MERU continues to render service to our people through efficient response to medical or vehicular emergencies. By next month we shall purchase two (2) brand-new ambulances to ensure better service to our people. Our 117 is also a very important tool in our over-all peace and order efforts. We have upgraded our equipment so as to give better caller service. Also, we are now engaged in talks with the DILG to make our 117 the center for regional 117 services.

We are very grateful to the Almighty that in 2011, we were spared from Sendong and other calamities. Although we experienced a flashflood in Sitio Panamucan in Brgy. San Jose which partially or totally washed away 46 houses and dislocated 53 families, there were no casualties recorded. The City Government provided material and financial assistance to the affected families which enabled them to purchase a property which is presently their resettlement site. With the realization that the possibility of landslides, floods and other forms of calamities are increasing, the City organized a rescue team in order to respond to these. The team had undergone trainings on first aid as well as water and mountain search and rescue. We have purchased two (2) rescue vehicles and are in the process of purchasing the other equipment needed for them to efficiently respond to calamities in our city. The trainings will continue so as to ensure that our rescue team shall always be in a high level of readiness. Our rescue team is being prepared not only for our use but to also assist our neighbors as well as the entire region even

possibly the entire Mindanao. In the recent flood in Valencia City our rescue team was dispatched to assist them in search and rescue and they did so efficiently. The team was also dispatched to Cagayan de Oro City to lend a hand to the victims of Sendong. As a good neighbor should, the city government donated 200 sacks of rice to the municipality of Baungon, 300 sacks of rice for Cagayan de Oro City and another 300 sacks of rice for Iligan City. We never allowed ourselves to be mere spectators of the said tragedy. We extended support in our own simple way.


One of our covenants with the people is to ensure a balanced ecology using a two-pronged strategy, a) urban health and sanitation and b) rural greening. In compliance with R.A. 9003, we are in the process of updating our Solid Waste Management Plan. Initial activities like the Waste Analysis and Characterization to generate important data were undertaken with the support of Central Mindanao University – College of Forestry and Environmental Science.

On the other hand, we saw to it that the City Ordinance No. 669 is strictly enforced. Section 4 of that Ordinance states that any household, business or commercial establishments, institution and industrial and manufacturing plant that will be found or apprehended not complying with this ordinance shall be issued a Citation Ticket or Notice of Violation and shall be penalized with the corresponding fines. This law has to be enforced regardless of who the violator is. Last year a total of 102 citation tickets were issued to violators.

We are planning to convert our controlled disposal facility into a categorized sanitary landfill in compliance to the directive from the National Solid Waste Management Commission. A team of experts will be coming to inspect our dumpsite and advise us on how best to convert it. The “no segregation no collection policy” is enforced in the poblacion barangays and has been expanded to 11 more barangays. I commend our thirty-eight (38) eco-waste technicians and drivers who diligently collect the garbage in the poblacion and adjacent barangays. With waste segregation, we were able to collect recyclable materials which are being bought by the Malaybalay City Women’s Federation therefore providing additional income to households.

Last year, I mentioned about the bio-reactor composting facility that the city purchased. Because of this investment, we were able to produce 52,522 kilograms of organic fertilizer which we distributed to the barangays for their communal gardens and barangay nurseries. We also have a Vermi Composting Facility in the area. Our city ENRO personnel have also embarked on a beautification program for our dumpsite of which their long term plan is to make it one of our eco-tourism sites. Our plastic densifier has processed recycled plastic, cellophane and Styrofoam into plastic garden blocks/pots.

In order to intensify our campaign for Rural Greening, the city established its own tree nursery which produced over 100,000 assorted seedlings and distributed these to various barangays and organizations. We shall increase the production of seedlings so we can expand the program to include barangays that have not yet benefitted from it.

Sloping Agricultural Land Technology or SALT technology is being reintroduced in the hilly and mountainous barangays with the aim of preventing rapid soil erosion as well as decrease the possibility of landslides. One of our Environmental Programs implemented in the city is the Upland Development Program of which our priority area for implementation is the BUHITA ancestral domain. Agriforestration is the main project being implemented there and Lumad farmers were organized for this purpose. To date a total of 37.5 hectares have been planted with 13,500 rubber seedlings and 38,700 coffee seedlings benefitting 150 lumad farmers and their families in 13 barangays.

In line with the greening program of the Aquino Administration we have conducted the Roadside Tree Planting Program with the Upper Pulangi barangays as pilot area. An 11.5 km. stretch of roads has been planted with coffee seedlings with 42 farmers as partners. A total of 15,440 seedlings were planted. In addition, there were 44 barangays which participated in the Billion Trees Program of the national government and were able to plant 99,269 different tree species from June to November. Our City Linis Program is still in effect and has provided employment to 730 residents. A total budget allocation of P2, 844, 645.20 is allocated for this program.


The city government has been working closely with the DepEd for our educational programs. The city continues to invest in infrastructure such as the construction of classrooms to meet the ever increasing demand for it. We are very thankful to the DepEd for providing 23 new classrooms to our city as well as providing for 50 new regular items. To show our appreciation for their efforts I committed to also construct 23 classrooms and at present 10 classrooms have been bidded and are currently under construction and by April 2012 we shall bid out the construction of 12 more classrooms in time for the opening of school year 2012-2013. The provision of new regular items have enabled some our city paid teachers to be regular teachers of the DepEd after serving our city faithfully for several years as job orders

Although we are making strides and positive accomplishments in other areas of the education sector, our participation rate, cohort’s survival rate, achievement rate and NAT results are not so encouraging. In order to address these issues the city has partnered with Ayala Foundation to find ways and means to reverse this trend. Education is still a top priority of the City and we will continue to provide assistance to strengthen the quality of our educational system. The City is also a recipient of Php 2,200,000 grant from the Office of the President through the Council of Early Childhood Care and Development for the establishment of a Day Care Laboratory at Barangay Bangcud. The building is currently under construction.

Social Services

Our administration is also concerned in uplifting the living conditions and improving the quality of life of the underprivileged, marginalized and the poor of our city.

Through the CSWDO, several livelihood activities and income generating programs were implemented for women, solo parents, out-of-school youth, families and persons with disabilities. We have also extended assistance in the form of donations of wheelchairs and prosthetic devices such as crutches, artificial legs and walkers to 27 disabled persons.

A total of P8, 164,200 pesos was also extended to 3,438 senior citizens aged 70 years old and above as financial assistance. Php 13,415,394 pesos was released in the form of Assistance to Individuals and Families in Crisis Situation and other forms of assistance

Agriculture and Economic Development

The economy of Malaybalay is anchored on agriculture. As such the city continues to implement programs aimed at enhancing the production of various agri products as well as providing subsidies for farm inputs. Last year we invested Php 3.5 million pesos for our rice seed subsidy program and for the first time ever the city is also subsidizing fertilizers. The program provides 2 sacks of fertilizer for every sack of rice seed. Our rice production for irrigated and rain-fed areas in 25 rice producing barangays posted an increase of 55,796 MT with an average yield of 4.46 MT per hectare. There is a significant increase from last year’s yield which was 4.14 MT. Our corn production area in 2011 decreased due to conversion to other crops. But we are happy to report that corn production on a per hectare basis has increased as compared to 2010.

The City Government has also introduced a new program that will contribute to increased yields for rice farmers, this is our desiltation program. In order to increase the flow of water to the rice paddies we purchased a backhoe in order to excavate irrigation canals that are already heavily silted. To date we have desilted more or less 16 kms of communal irrigation canals and about 5 kilometers of the North Main Canal.

During the off-farm season, farmer cooperators generate additional income from the Rice – Duck Techno Demo Program that is spearheaded and funded by the Philippine Agrarian Reform Fund for National Development (PARFUND). 203 of our farmers have enrolled in our Tilapia Culture and Giant Freshwater Shrimp program.

In support to the Nutrition Program of the city, the City Agriculture Office distributed vegetable seeds for the barangay communal gardens and also to schools for the Gulayan sa Paaralan Program.

In order to attain the city government programs on food security and self-sufficiency, we have accelerated our efforts in the development of Irrigation Facilities. In partnership with the National Irrigation Administration we rehabilitated 4 communal Irrigation Facilities in Silae, Linabo, Busdi and Sinanglanan. With the partnership we also rehabilitated 6 Communal Irrigation Projects under the Balikatang Sagip Patubig Program. And after 2 years of project preparation we have finally bidded out the Small Water Impounding Project for Barangay Managok which has a project cost of Php 43 million. We were able to access funds from Mindanao North Coast Integrated Agricultural Development Project (MINCIADP) for infrastructure projects and post harvest facilities which includes water pumps, sprinklers and drip irrigation. Ten barangays benefited from this project. The City has also funded the purchase of farm machineries such as a rice mill and corn mill including the construction of 20 Multi-Purpose Drying Pavements (MPDP). This year we are allocating funds for the construction of 20 more MPDP’s and diversion dams and irrigation canals in partnership with National Irrigation Administration on a cost sharing scheme.

Our Agriculture Department has conducted soil analysis in all our barangays and as a result we have now what is called a soil fertility map. This fertility map will serve as a guide for our farmers on what crops are suitable for cultivation in their areas because it will include information such as soil texture, water holding capacity and chemical composition.

Our Plant Tissue Laboratory enables us to mass produce plantlets of abaca, banana, strawberry and other crops. We no longer have to purchase seedlings from other places and we save in purchase and transport costs.

Peace and Order.

In 2010, the PNP reported 1,639 crime incidents. For 2011, our records show that our crime incidents went down significantly to 32% or 522 incidents only compared to 2010. Our local police was able to keep the citizens of Malaybalay City generally safe from lawless elements in spite of the lack of personnel. Our City is generally safe and we are relentless in our efforts to combat crime.

We will continue to support our local police to enhance their professionalism and provide them with equipment and facilities to effectively perform their responsibilities. We have purchased two (2) units of Mitsubishi Four Wheel Drive vehicles amounting to Php 1.3 million in order to increase the mobility of our policemen and to enable them to respond to calls in the

hinterlands. We have also purchased twenty units of handheld radios and five new computers for the PNP. In the next few weeks our PNP will already move to our new city police station located at Magsaysay Street. The construction of this building was jointly funded by the PNP and the City Government.


The city had implemented various infrastructure projects worth a little over Php 100 million 70 of these projects have been completed while 24 are on-going. We have already implemented phase 1 & 2 of the concreting of the Violeta to Apo Macote road and will be implementing the 3rd Phase by the middle of this year we allocate more or less Php 20million for each phase of the construction. We shall also be implementing within this year the concreting of 3 kilometers of the Bangcud to Sto. Nino road with a budget of Php 60 million.


Our city realized a total local income of Php 92,307,407.67 compared to Php 83 million in 2010 which is again another record for our city. This was made possible by the aggressive campaign of our City Treasurers Office in tax collection. Of this our economic enterprise has contributed Php 14,120,230.00. It is forecasted that our total income for fiscal year 2012 will reach Php 100 million.

Yes ladies and gentlemen our city is indeed standing on solid ground. It has continued to grow exponentially simply because of the visions and aspirations of our citizens to become a premier city in Mindanao. As Malaybalay turns 14 today we are also faced with more challenges but I am confident that we shall overcome these. Our strong local government coupled with a pro-active Sanggunian and hardworking employees will once again carry our beloved city to even greater heights. May the Almighty Father continue to shower us with His richest blessings. Daghang salamat ug malipayong pagsaulog sa ika-katorse na kasumaran sa pagkasiyudad sa Malaybalay. ONE FOR MALAYBALAY. USWAG MALAYBALAY!


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