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Barangay Profile

Barangay Bangcud with a total land area of 1,575 hectares of flat land encompassing the 7 Puroks of the Barangay.  It is bordered by Barangay Cabangahan in the north,  Manupali River in the south, Sawaga River in the south, and Barangay Kulasihan of the Municipality of Lantapan in the west. It is situated along the National Highway and has a distance of 18 kilometers from the Malaybalay City where the seat of government is situated.


In order to achieve this vision we, the people of Bangcud, guided by the active and responsible leader, and Bangcud in collaboration with the private sector, seek to address all the sectoral issues in education, health, nutrition, peace and order, youth and sports, infrastructure, economic and environment as well as administration and governance. It is our desire and hope that we will be moving towards economically improved community and total human development.


We envision Barangay Bangcud as a Tourist Destination of Malaybalay City with united, well-educated, healthy and God fearing people living in a diversified farming and environment friendly economy that embraces modern Information Technology, ecologically balanced, peaceful, drug-free and protected environment under a flexible and honest leadership sustaining good governance.

Historical Background

Bangcud is a place surrounded by two rivers, the Sawaga River that runs from north to east and the Manupali River traversing from west to south. Aside from the two rivers, two crystal springs also sprout at the heart of the place. These are the Matin-ao and Nasuli Springs.

Bangcud was first a Sitio of Mailag and became a regular barangay in 1935. The name Bangcud was derived from the word “Bangko” meaning chair, referring to a big stone formed like a chair in Manupali River. It was discovered by travelers, who stopped and took a rest during night time.

 Bangcud transformed into a modern paradise due to its coolest springs and shady trees and realized as a potential place for tourism in the later years.  

Below is the list of Barangay Captain and their respective years.

Barangay Captain Year Appointed
Hon. Luis Pasal 1934 - 1949
Hon. Bernardino Lapuz 1949 - 1951
Hon. Luis Pasal 1952 - 1954
Hon. Teofilo Halina 1954- 1956
Hon. Eladio Metiam Sr. 1956 - 1958
Hon. Cesar Taga 1958 - 1968
Hon. Romulo Lapuz Sr. 1970 - 1972
Hon. Emillio Alberto 1972 - 1977 (Elected)
Hon. Ernesto M. Detecio 1981 -1998 (Elected)
Hon. Medie V. Opsima 1998 - 2002 (Elected)
Hon. Rosa Maria M. Robosa 2002 – 2013 (Elected)
Hon. Estela A. Edma 2013 to present (Elected)
Contact Information

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