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Barangay Profile

Malaybalay City Central School (MCCS) has 5.2 hectares of land area, where more than 3 hectares  situated within Barangay Four. Fortunate enough to have this certain facility within the barangay, the rest within the jurisdiction of Barangay Three. MCCS is located along T. Guingona Street, Barangay Four, Malaybalay City.


The Barangay council develops and implements programs, projects and activities to attract investors, tourists and to provide basic needs and services for the constituents.


We envisioned Barangay 4 as the center of sports and physical fitness, commerce and employment with healthy, self-reliant, well-informed, hospitable God fearing citizenry living in a clean, orderly and safe environment; equal opportunities among the constituents towards highly competitive economy, governed by transparent, fair and just leaders.

Historical Background

Before it was converted into a regular barangay, it was part of the entire Poblacion of Malaybalay. It was also the site where the early leaders of Malaybalay represented by DATU MAMPAALONG and the Spanish Conquistadores (conqueror) headed by the military Governor of the second district of Mindanao, DON CARLOS PERES Y GELLEGO signed the document. Hence, they submitted themselves to the sovereignty of the nation and recognized his majesty and the Government of Span.

After the Japanese regime, the area becomes the commercial hub of the Municipality of Malaybalay. In the early 60’s the public market and the slaughterhouse were establish, because the old National Highway traverse the Barangay, the terminal was also located in the area.

During the Martial Law period, President Decree (P.D) 86,86A and 210 were signed by the President in the middle part of 1973. This creating the 20 Barangays in the Poblacion. Then MAYOR LORENZO S. DINLAYAN appointed as the FIRST BARANGAY CHAIRMAN OD BARANGAY FOUR.

It was also the center of the community entertainment, not only that they buy goods and market product; it is also the SEAT OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION AND COMMUNITY ENTERTAINMENT in the early 60’s and 70’s. As the community of Malaybalay grew, limited space of the Public Market became a problem. In 1972, the Public Market and Bus and Jeepney terminals were relocated. Then in 1989, a new slaughterhouse was constructed in Barangay 9, rendering the old structure no longer operational.

Contact Information

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