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Barangay Profile

Barangay Five (5) is found in the center part of Malaybalay. The barangay is composed of two (2) Purok with a total land area of 5.04 hectares (seeFigure 1). The Barangay is bounded on the north by Barangay Two (2), in the south by Barangay Eight (8), in the east by Barangay Six (6) and in the west by Barangay Four (4).


To act in immediate response as necessary if capability permits based in plans rendered of various programs from national down to local governments in order to achieve what we aspired and see progress from activities with a solution to problem not for one but to the majority.


Barangay Five envisions a sustainable developed center, peaceful, self-reliant with God loving individuals, environment-friendly with well furnished infrastructure facilities through cooperative leaders.

Historical Background

After Martial Law in 1972. There were twenty (20) Poblacion Barangays created by virtue of Presidential Decree 86 and 86A. Barangay Five (5), then Barangay eight (8) and Barangay nine (9) were among the 20 barangays. Engr. Leo Jacinto B. Callao was the elected Barangay Captain for the Barangay eight (8), but record could no longer be traced as to the elected Barangay Captain of the Barangay nine (9).

In 1974 during the time of Mayor Timoteo C. Ocaya, the Municipal Council passed Resolution No’s. 71 – 246 and 74 – 294 and Ordinance No. 71 – 87 which reduced the number of Barangays from twenty (20) to eleven (11) barangays. Barangay eight (8) and nine (9) were merged and renamed Barangay Five (5). The following is the list of leaders of barangay five (5)

Barangay Captain Year Appointed Nature of Service
Abelardo de Sagun 1974 – 1978 Appointed
George Garcia 1978 – 1982 Appointed
Reine Ocaya 1982 – 1989 Elected
Jesus Tolibao 1989 – 1994 Elected
Arthur Tenorio 1994 – 1997 Elected
Oscar R. Diano 1997 – 2010 Elected
Ernesto C. Redoble 2010 – 2013 Elected
Rumel C. Castilla 2013 – present Elected
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