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Barangay Profile

Barangay   06   is   located   at the eastern part of the city proper. It   is   about 900 meters from the city hall. It is bounded in the north Barangay Can-ayan, in the south Barangays 8 & 9,   and   in    the west by Barangays 2 & 5 respectively.


In order to achieve this vision, the Barangay Leaders through participatory governance commit to work very hard to ensure the delivery of basic social services to its constituents; and being the center of various activities involving local tourism, will sustain a peaceful environment and improved sanitation with the support of needed infrastructures.


We envision Barangay 06 as the heart of local tourism with God Loving, educated, healthy, law-abiding citizen who live in an environment friendly and ecologically balanced community through a dynamic, firm and excellent leadership.

Historical Background

Barangay 06 was created by virtue of Presidential Decrees (PD) 86, 86A and 210 which were signed by the then President Ferdinand E. Marcos in  1974 after the declaration of Martial Law.  These were the legal basis of its creation, as one of the 20 barangays created in the Poblacion by the then mayor, Hon. Timoteo C. Ocaya.

               After a year of operation, the Municipal Council of Malaybalay passed a resolution Nos. 246-74 and 249-74 and an implementing Ordinance No. 87 S-74 reducing the number of barangays from 20 to 11 to satisfy the Local Government Code  requiring each barangay to have at least a minimum of 1,000 population.

At present, Barangay 06 is dominantly inhabited by Dumagats, a group of migrants coming from Luzon, Visayas and other parts of Mindanao. Barangay 06 is a melting pot of Ilocanos, Cebuanos, Boholano, Ilongos, Muslim, and Lumads.

Below is the list of the past leaders of Barangay 06:

Barangay Captain
1. Roberto Dizon
2. Isabel M. Barroso
3. Emma P. Asok
4. Manuel Hinlo
5. Conrado M. Barroso
6. George S. Tan
7. Manuel I. Macapundag
8. Edilberto T.N. Mamawag II
9. Bobby Jay B. Dinlayan
10. Michael Conrad B. Barroso - Present
Contact Information



Mobile no.

0917-578-8402 / 0975-339-0005