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Barangay Profile

Barangay 7 has a total land area of 50.04 hectares and the entire barangay are classified as Alienable and Disposable lands. It is strategically located at the Southern portion of the Poblacion proper bounded in the East by Poblacion 8 and Poblacion 9 and in the west by Poblacion 4 and 10, in the north by Poblacion 4. The Barangay is composed of four puroks. Purok 1, Purok 2, Purok 3 and Purok 4.


The barangay government of Poblacion seven (7) thru effective governance will formulate plans and programs that will provide basic social services based on the economic development strategies thru balance ecology.


We envision Barangay Seven (7) as a Center of Commerce, enjoying a social, economically and ecologically balance society, a well developed, united, God loving and self-reliant community with a dynamic and excellent leadership.

Historical Background

With the declaration of Martial law in 1972, PD 86 and 86A and 210 were passed creating barangays in the Poblacion or urban centers of the municipality and chartered cities where there were no legal barrios existing with the mayors of chartered cities and municipalities to extend formal appointments to Barangay Chairmen and leaders in the area.


These provisions serve as a basis of appointing 20 Barangay chairmen by Mayor Timoteo C. Ocaya. The idea of creating the 20 barangays in the Poblacion was pattern after that of the Puroks system; it was at this time where puroks appointed their own leaders/presidents who have shown their enthusiasm and willingness to serve the people. It was for this reason, that the municipality Mayor automatically appointed all the Purok Presidents/leaders as Barangay chairmen and converted the puroks into barangays (citizenship assemblies) in accordance with law.

In December 1974 the municipal council passed Resolution Nos. 246-74 and 249-74 and an implementing Ordinance No. 87 S. 1974 reducing the number of barangays from 20 to 11 barangays and appointing thereof their respective barangay chairmen. Barangay 7 was formerly barangay 13 under the leadership of the Late Godofredo Magno, it was merged to Barangay 14 under Barangay Captain Patria Bernadas, and Barangay 17 under Barangay Captain Roque Jimeno into (1) one barangay now Barangay Seven (7).

Mr. Roque Jimeno was the first barangay chairman of Barangay 7 after it was merged whose appointment was duly confirmed by the Office of the President through the Honorable Jose A. Roño of the DLGCD now the DILG. Jimeno continuously and devotedly served the barangay for two consecutive terms until 1982 barangay council election. He ran for the position of a Punong Barangay in 1982 but failed to retain the position the late Jose Arcadio, Sr. won in the election. After the term of Mr. Alexander M. Maputi, Sr. the barangay is manned by the incumbent Punong Barangay elected Hon. William O. Pen.

Table_1: The following Barangay Officials have started adopting development plan for the Barangay.

Name of Barangay Leaders Year of Service
Hon. Roque Jimeno, Sr. 1972-1981
Hon. Jose Arcadio, Jr. 1982-1994
Hon. Anastacia Casas 1994-1997
Hon. Talib Manding 1997-1999
Hon. Ricky T. Jemino 1999-2000 by succession
Hon. Alexander M. Maputi, Sr. 2002-2013
Hon. William O. Pen 2013-present
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