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Barangay Profile

Barangay 8 has a total land area of 9.24 hectares which are flat lands. The entire land area is classified as commercial and is alienable and disposable. It is bounded on the east by Barangay 9 and 6, in the west by Barangay 7, in the north by Barangay 5 and in the south by Barangay 9. It is located along the national highway, flat land  and suited for commercial purposes.

            There are three sectors in the barangay. These sectors are equivalent to the sectors and zones of other barangays. Each sector has its own set of officials that the residents can consult to whenever they have concerns. The leader of each sector is shown in the following table.


Ang Barangay Ocho, Adunay Kinasingkasing Nga Kadasig Sa Pagserbisyo, Gugma Ug Kalipay, Kaalam Nga Mopatigbabaw Ang Kalinaw Sa Hiniusang Tumong Ug Tinguha Pinasubay Sa Sabakan Sa Ginoo, Alang Sa Kalamboan Sa Atong Katawhan Sa Barangay.


Ang Barangay Ocho, Naglantaw Nga Kini Mahimong Usa Ka Sumbanan Sa Pagpangaliya Sa Ginoo, Sa Insaktong Pag Disiplina, Pagmatuto, Ug Paggiya Sa Malinawon Ug Mabungahon Nga Barangay.


The Malaybalay  is the capital city of the Province of Bukidnon. During the early days, most of the inhabitants were natives of Bukidnon. Later on, people from different parts of Visayas, Mindanao and even in Luzon came tosettle down here in Malaybalay because it is such a beautiful place with all the panoramic views around.

            The climate of Malaybalay is cold even during the hottest days of summer. For this, Malaybalay can be compared to Baguio City which is the summer capital of the country. Malaybalay can be the summer capital of the south.

            The people here are peace – loving, even if they come from different parts of the country, with different cultures, beliefs and dialect, there are no conflicts among them.

            During the administration of Hon. Lorenzo S. Dinlayan, Sr. as municipal Mayor of  Malaybalay, Barangay 15 was created and Barangays 6, 7, and  8 were under it.  The first appointed barangay Captain of Barangay 15 was the late Nicasio Sotelo.

            Then in 1974, during the administration of Hon. Mayor Timoteo C. Ocaya, Barangay 8 was created. The following is the list of the early leaders of Barangay 8:

Barangay Captain Administrative Year
Nicasio Sotelo 1962 – 1968
Elisa D. Feliciano 1968 – 1974
Reginaldo N. Tilanduca 1974 – 1980
Clarita C. Carbajal 1980 – 2007
Paciencia R. Gamboa 2007- Present
Julius N. Manghano June 30, 2018-present
Contact Information


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