organizational structure

Arnel S. Alagenio

Executive Assistant V / CCR OIC

Permits & Licensing Examiner & Assessment Section

Marry Jean H. Marabe

Licensing Officer III

Laurence Duane T. Cudal

Licensing Officer II

Nova Sarah H. Serafin

Licensing Inspector I

Permits/Motorela Processing Records & Communication Section

Salvador U. Yacapin

Licensing Officer III

Marchette Shien A. Ebora

Licensing Officer I

Permits, Consumer Welfare & Inspection Section

Karem Ann R. Cudal

Licensing Officer III

Al Y. Estrada

Licensing Inspector II


Republic Act no. 7160, art. 86 (3), iii-v

Powers, Duties and function of the Mayor

 Ensure that all taxes and other revenues of the City are collected, and that City funds are applied to the payment of expenses and settlement of obligations of the City, in accordance with the law or ordinances

Issue licenses and permits and suspends or revoke the same for any violation of the conditions upon which said licenses or permits had been issued, pursuant to law or ordinances

Issue permits, without need of approval therefor from any national agency, for holding of activities for any charitable or welfare purposes, excluding prohibited games of chance or shows contrary to law, public policy and public morals

A Business Friendly environment engaged in issuing business permits and licenses through efficient and systematic procedures handled by a competent and highly trained staff who value integrity and transparency in all our transactions.

We are responsive to the needs of our clients
We provide checklist or requirements for all our service
We regularly update our clients regarding the changes in systems and procedures
We are sincere
We do our job without asking any favor in return We are just and fair
We serve on a first come first served basis We are a team
We do our work and share our joys and pains as one big family
We are kind
We give consideration to clients coming from far flung Barangays We provide options to our clients

Annual Report 2021

Business One Stop Shop 2021

Under Sec. 39 of Art. 9 of the Revenue Code of the City of Malaybalay, the deadline of renewal of business permits and licenses is every January 20 following the end of the preceding year.

Due to the implementation of COVID-19 minimum public health standards, the BOSS technical working group requests the extension of the deadline of Business Permits and Licenses and Motorela Permits.

Resolution no. 2020-0326- A resolution approving the extension of the deadline of the deadline of renewal of business permits and licenses and Motorela Permits.

Issuance of Motorela Permit

  • Six Hundred (600): Total Motorcycle for Hire (MCH) operating in the City ofMalaybalay and Suburbs
  • Five hundred ninety four (597) renewed their motorela permits six (3) actualMCH units failed to renew their motorela permits and recommended for cancellation of motorela franchise/number pursuant to Section 1 of Ordinance  391 Series of 1993 an ordinance amending section 7 of ordinance no. 343 series of 1991 “a motorela number shall be automatically cancelled upon failure of the operator/owner to renew his mayor’s permit within a period of three (3) months after the expiration of said permit to operate. The franchise of the Motorola operator/owner whose motorela number is cancelled due to his failure to renew his mayor’s permit as prescribed herein shall likewise be cancelled automatically”


  • Releasingof Motorela Permit was distributed at convenient venue to Motorela operators last March 8-12, 2021 at Landing covered court, Casisang, Malaybalay

Routine Ocular inspection of All MCH Motorela with or without Motorela Permit operating during day and night time

  • The Business Permit and Licensing Division together with the TrafficManagement Center personnel conducted a routine ocular inspection of all motorela for hire operating in the city with or without motorela permit last April 26-30, 2021 to monitor all MCH motorela if they have complied all the required motorela requirement and to ensure that no colorum motorela operating in Malaybalay City and suburbs during night time.
  • The following areas of inspection (DAKOP) were in Magsaysay-Don CarlosSts, Moreno-Tabios , Freedom Park and Bus Terminal. According to the TMC inspector 4 colorum motorelas were impounded in their quarter.

Composite Advance Inspection Team 2021

Institutionalizing the advance inspection procedure in business licensing and directing all departments and divisions concerned to conduct advance inspection annually and submit progress report regularly to the local chief executive per Under Executive Order no. 13, 2010.

The conduct of inspection by the CAIT inspectorate team started May and discontinue last June since most of the inspectors tested positive of covid 19. The inspection resumed 2nd week of October to November. Overall, only 2 1/2 month inspection conducted this year (3 days every week).


Executive Order No. 144-Creating the Malaybalay City Safety Seal Inspection Team and Certification Committee”

The Committee members: Business Permits and Licensing Division, City Health Office, CDRRM Office, Philippine National Police, City Administrator’s Office, IMT, Tourism and Bureau of Fire.

The City Government of Malaybalay issues SAFETY SEAL the following business establishments: Malls, Wet markets, Other rental stores, Restaurants outside hotels/resorts, Fast-food, |eateries, coffee shops, etc.,Banks, money changers, pawnshops, remittance centers, Car wash, Laundry service centers, Art galleries, libraries, museums, zoo, Sports centers, Tutorial, testing, and review centers, Gyms, Spas, Cinemas, Arcades, all other private establishments

SAFETY SEAL affirms that an establishment has been found compliant with the minimum public health standards set by the government, including the adoption or integration with the contact tracing application. The seal shall be displayed conspicuously at all entrance points according to prescribed dimensions. Obtaining the Safety Seal shall be at no cost to the establishment.

40 Business Establishments compliant for SAFETY SEAL CERTIFICATION

  • CentralMalaybalay Food  (Chowking)
  • OroGolden Joy Foods  ( Red Ribbon)
  • OroFunchows  (Greenwich)
  • AcornbiltFoods  (Jollibee Malaybalay)
  • JollibeeDrive Thru
  • UCPBSavings Bank
  • Barbq (Malaybalay) Inc. (Mang Inasal)
  • 1stValley Bank
  • Sildimco
  • FamilyHealth & Beauty Corporation (Watson)
  • Du,Wilson- Desmark Corporation (Sumpong)
  • VicImperial Appliance Corporation
  • UNIPACECorporation (Gaisano Malaybalay)
  • LandBank Of The Philippines
  • PSBank
  • Technomart
  • ChinaBank
  • SevenSeven
  • GreatfitMakers,  (Rrj)
  • Bankof the Philippine Island (BPI)
  • SolidmarkWest,
  • MontañaDe Oro Food Chain Incorporation
  • DelaPeña, Rhondie  (Meow Café)
  • AvonCosmetics,
  • MetropolitanBank And Trust Company-
  • DevelopmentBank of the Phippines (DBP)
  • PhilippineNational Bank (PNB)
  • AsiaUnited Bank
  • Roy’sBistro
  • Isabella’sCuisine Café Royal & Bakeshoppe
  • LandBank of the Philippines, AGLAYAN Branch
  • BukidnonBank (A Rural Bank) Inc
  • U.MEquipment Incorporated
  • TranscycleMarketing
  • Yamaha-Aglayan Branch
  • Du, Wilson U.
  • OroIntegrated Cooperative
  • Powercycle
  • Vegafria,Lotis
  • OroIntegrated Cooperative

Information Drive-BOSS 2021

BPLD personnel conducted Recoreda for the information of the business sector of the upcoming Business One stop Shop 2022, distributed leaflets of the requirements and deadline for business permit registration 2022, Hang tarpaulins to Poblacion, Highway cluster, Upper Pulangui and Basakan cluster barangays. We also conducted information drive thru, radio announcement, radio broadcasting.

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