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Barangay Profile

Barangay Caburacanan is found in the western part of Malaybalay. It is only about 70 kms. From the urban center of Malaybalay.

            The Barangay is composed of seven Puroks with a total land area of 4,900 hectares. It is bounded in the north by Barangay St. Peter and in the west by Talahiran Mountain Range.  The terrain is flat and mountainous and the soil is kidapawan clay loam.

            The Barangay has a population of 1,231 with 250 household.


For the assurance of the welfare of Barangay Caburacanan through the effective and united governance, encouraging the community to foster peoples equality nurture the natural resources aiming to give excellence in public service with the task of supporting the new programs of the government for national growth stability


We envisioned Barangay Caburacanan as a peaceful, healthy and well-educated community, with people of good values and strong relationship with God, preserving ancestral domains and nurturing the nature to develop its natural resources as the source of abundant living of the community, guided by efficient and effective leaders aiming to continuously help the people, the community and the whole city.


Caburacanan is one of the oldest barangay in the City and it is situated 30 kms. Away from the City proper.  Its original name was “budakan” taken from the name of a spring where “Gabi” (a root crop) plants abound. “Dakan” is the “Binukid” term of the Gabi vegetable plant and it also the favorite dish of the natives.

            “Budakan” was ruled by Mang Gumindo Lumangkas and he was then the founder from the year 1926 to 1938.  During his leadership, “Budakan” was invaded twice by the other tribe of Bukidnon which is the “Omayamnon”. Inspite of this situation, Mang gumindo Lumangkas remained strong to his principles and stan still as the great leader to govern “Budakan.

            Lucas Tala was next to hea “Budakan”.  He was then appointed by Mang Gumindo Lumangkas in 1938 to 1942.  He was talented and a brillian minded man and married to a beautiful maiden of “Budakan”.

            During his term, the first visitor to reach the settlement was a policeman in the person of Sgt. Jaime Cabura.  As a tribute to this man, the natives agreed to change the name of the place to Caburacanan, a combination of th words “Cabura” and “Dakan” the last word being corrupted into “Canan”.  The name CABURACANAN was eventually submitted to the provincial board of Bukidnon, which was accepted and approved.

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