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organizational structure

Dioscora R. Niere, CPA

City Government Department Head I
(City Economic Development & Management Officer)

Romeo R. Lapeciros, Jr.

CEEDMO- Designate

administrative Support Section

Wilma S. Cobreros

Administrative Officer IV (Records Officer III)

Maylyn Z.Armecin

Administrative Officer III (Records Officer II)

Randy P. Jamago

Administrative Officer IV (Records Officer II)

City Government Assistant Department Head I



Waterworks Superintendent I

Florante L. Bergado

Waterworks Supervisor

engr. Julius C. Nunez

Engineer I


Meshelle A. Catabas

Slaughterhouse Master II

Rosalie R. Lapeciros

Administrative Aide III (Utility Worker II)

Benedicto T. Malinao, Jr.

Administrative Aide III (Driver II)

Revenue Division

Magnolia P. Callao

Local Revenue Collection Officer IV

Records & Billing Section

Cristal B. Callanta

Administrative Assistant II (Clerk IV)

Collection Section

Mary Eve B. Asares

Local Revenue collection Officer III

Ma. Dolor Liza G. Estillore

Local Revenue collection Officer II

Dario T. Caterial

Revenue Collection Clerk III

Sally C. Caterial

Revenue Collection Clerk III

Aslema P. Ebra

Revenue Collection Clerk I

Haydee S. Daguplo

Revenue Collection Clerk I

Management Enterprise Division

Lennith E. Remo

Market Supervisor IV


Christopher L. Timones

Market Supervisor III

Michael h. Sumaylo

Market Supervisor II

Rufino A. Cuizon

Administrative Aide I (Utility Worker I)

Robert L. Suson

Administrative Aide I (Utility Worker I)

Macacuna P. Naga

Administrative Aide I (Utility Worker I)

sofia P. PeÑanueva

Administrative Aide I (Utility Worker I)

Romeo L. Yecyec

Administrative Aide I (Utility Worker I)

Estrella P. Paje

Administrative Aide I (Utility Worker I)


Jessie D. ReciÑa

Senior Transportation Regulation Officer

Christopher B. Agot

Transportation Regulation Officer I

Francisco F. Chemar

Administrative Aide III (Utility Worker II)

Denny R. Encabo

Administrative Aide III (Utility Worker II)

Vergilinda L. Encabo

Administrative Aide III (Utility Worker II)

Ansan Rey P. Diamla

Administrative Aide III (Utility Worker II)

Rebecca V. Belderol

Administrative Aide III (Utility Worker II)

City Memorial Park

Mary Jane L. Ranque

Cemetery Caretaker

Mandates and Functions

The mandate of the Office of City Economic Enterprise Development and Management (CEEDMO) is primarily anchored in making revenue and to continually seek measures to augment the financial capability of the Local Government of the City of Malaybalay. Apart from being an economic enterprise, CEEDMO at the same time maintain and safeguard the sanitation of CEEDMO facilities by providing services to the concerned constituents and convenience to our respective stakeholders in the Malaybalay City Government Water Supply System (MCGWSS), City Slaughter House, Public Market, Bus Terminal and the City Memorial Park (CMP) respectively.

An office with competent and customer-friendly staff providing fast, efficient, effective and pro-active services at the Malaybalay City Government Water Supply System (MCGWSS), Slaughter House, Integrated Bus Terminal, Public Market and City Memorial Park using systematic procedures which ensure revenue generation and customer satisfaction.

We, the personnel of CEEDMO, commit to follow what has been decided upon in the PSEEAP workshops for the prevention, correction of corrupt practices, to consistently adhere to the ethics of good governance, we firmly believe in the intervention of this commitment.


The operation and management of the public market is administered by the office of CEEDMO, at first the local Economic Enterprise Development and Management Office, were amongst the offices that were created in the new organizational structure of the Municipal Government of Malaybalay,

Back then, LEEDMO manages the public market and the integrated bus terminal operation and management. Then, on 2006 a new service and revenue measure was accorded to CEEDMO through the operation of the City Memorial Park (CMP).

At present, CEEDMO manages the supervision and management of the three (3) facilities namely; the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT), the City Public Market (CPM) and the City Memorial Park (CMP).

CEEDMO Summary of Activities/
Highlights for CY 2021

COVID19 Preventive measure & compliance – With the onset of the pandemic, CEEDMO being a public facility is torn between the balance of continuing economic activity and ensuring the health and safety concerned of its stakeholders and the concerned public that patronizes its facilities. With that, CEEDMO upkeeps with the implementation and compliance of safety health protocols implemented by the IATF and the IMT of the City of Malaybalay. This is through the conduct of the Information Dissemination Campaign (IEC) and monitoring in the respective CEEDMO facilities.

Also, CEEDMO Market Monitoring Team (MMT) helped in the monitoring and implementation of Executive Order No. 155 which is Mandatory Wearing of Face Mask (1.a. b.c) at CEEDMO facilities and other public spaces/areas CEEDMO also seeks intervention from the City Government of Malaybalay through the City Health Office to make vaccination initiatives within the market public facility with the COV1D19 RESBAKUNA Center on Sept. 17, 2021, at the 2nd floor of the New City Public Market. This is to ensure that market concessionaires, CEEDMO personnel, and nearby residents at the facility can avail of the vaccination program.

COV1D19 RESBAKUNA Center with City Health Office (CHO) Personnel Sept. 17, 2021 at the 2nd floor of the New City Public Market. This is to ensure that all market stallholders will be given the chance to be vaccinated.

CEEDMO conducts IEC, monitoring & implementation of Executive Order No. 155 Mandatory Wearing of Face Mask (1.a.b.c) at CEEDMO facilities and other public spaces/area

To address the public’s need for emergency calls, CEEDMO with the initiative of CEEDMO Designate, Mr. Romeo R. Lapeciros, Jr. brought about the ‘libreng tawag” in partnership with GLOBE Telecommunications Company. With this, telecommunication is freely provided to the concerned public who have no means or capability to be able to communicate with their direct family or kin to express their important concerns and reques

The opening and blessing of the ‘Isnakanan sa Merkado” is an initiative to offer for lease the available space in the public market to the willing concessionaires who wanted to invest a small business venture wherein they can showcase their native and special delicacies for the public to enjoy.


During the time of the pandemic, people are finding ways to provide for the immediate needs of their respective families. At the same time, CEEDMO also seek measures to augment its financial capability in as much as willing to offer this available area for lease at a much lesser cost compared to the commercial spaces in the poblacion areas.


The initiative was fully supported by the Hon. City Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr. and the Members of the Market Committee, thus paved the way to create a vital economic mileage especially to the small micro entrepreneurs to operate their own respective businesses in the Malaybalay City Public Market.

The opening of Dunkin Donut at the Malaybalay City Public Market was attended by Hon. Florencio T. Flores, Jr., City Mayor, Mr. Romeo R. Lapeciros, CEEDMO Designate, Ms. Arlene A. Ho, City Budget Officer and CEEDMO management and staff.

Amidst the challenges brought by the pandemic, one of the pivotal moments in the CEEDMO operation for CY 2021 was the realization of the joint venture initiative between the Local Government of Malaybalay and the private sector. The opening of Dunkin Donut Branch at the Malaybalay City Public Market is a manifestation of the resilience and the continuous determination to put plans into action and a reality. Now, local transients and other visiting locals can now purchase the much love “pasalubong” to their families at the said establishment.

Search for the Cleanest and Most Well-Maintained Stall in the Public Market and Terminal

The Contest serves as an assessment evaluation tool to ensure that the stallholders in the public market, and terminal implement waste segregation, cleanliness and sanitation practices as stipulated in the City Ordinance No. 783, Market Code of 2013, Republic Act 9003 and practice the minimum safety health protocols.

This is the first year of this contest and it will be an annual activity spearheaded by CEEEDMO in partnership with CENRO. This activity encourages the stallholders to participate and support the advocacy of CEEDO which is the #kahapsayKalimpyokabibo.

CEEDMO Market Monitoring Team of MMT, served as the Secretariat of the contest headed by Mr. Romeo R. Lapeciros, Jr. – CEEDMO Designate.

-One winner for every section will be declared

-Each winner will receive a cash prize of P10,000.00 worth of assorted items/ goods plus a personalized plaque of recognition

Note: Declared winners will personally choose the kind of assorted items/ goods which are necessary and essential for improvement of their stall in their daily operation/ business.

The contest was launched May of 2021, CEEDMO spearheaded the contest and serves as the Secretariat of the contest. The evaluators were chosen from the different national partner- agencies and LGU Malaybalay offices/ departments. The mechanics and guidelines of the contest was presented, discussed and approved by the evaluators.

Awarding of Search for the Cleanest and Most Well Maintained Stall in the Public Market and Terminal on December 20, 2021

The Search for the Cleanest and Most Well-Maintained Stall in the Public Market and Terminal boost the partnership of CEEDMO among its stakeholders and concessionaire. This is a two-way process to upkeep and promote the public market and terminal facilities by encouraging participation between the CEEDMO Management and the market/terminal stallholders. During the awarding ceremony performing and compliant vendors at the public market and terminal received the recognition through a certificate and cash incentive respectively. Thus, encouraging other stallholders to continue to actively participate and collaborate in the projects, programs and activities of CEEDMO.


To address the beautification and landscaping concerns in the public market facility. Local flowers and plants entrepreneurs are given an area specifically at the fronting the public market building where ornamental plants can be displayed and at the same time also serve as a landscape to beautify the area. This is an avenue to also help promote plants/flowers enthusiast for them to earn out from their passion.

To update the concerned public on the basic prices of commodities, goods and agricultural by-products sold at the Malaybalay City Public Market. The Weekly Price Monitoring was regularly facilitated by CEEDMO as posted in the CEEDMO FB Page. This served as a price monitoring tool to guide the concerned public as to the essential goods that they shall intend to purchase for family consumption or for their business undertakings.

CEEDMO, with the able assistance from the City Veterinary Office (CVO), agreed to delineate the functions of Slaughter House Section as to operation apart from the much needed technical functions and expertise of the CVO personnel. However, CEEDMO and CVO commit to work in close coordination to ensure that the concerned public is provided with quality meat, safe for human consumption.

The City of Malaybalay received the merit from the Bureau of Local Government Finance (BLGF) through CEEDMO with the City Treasurer Office as one of the three LGUs in the entire country recognized for its Best Local Fiscal Management Practice in the area of recovery initiatives to help rebuild the economy.

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