Office Description

The mandate of the office of City Economic Enterprise Development and Management (CEEDMO) is included in the pursuit to continually seek measures to augment the financial capability of the Local Government of the City of Malaybalay. It seeks to provide efficient and pro-active services in the public market, bus terminal and the city memorial park.


In order to ensure the well-being of its people, the City Government of Malaybalay through effective governance, shall promote social justice, provide basic services, ensure proper management and utilization of its human and natural resources, increase agricultural production and productivity, encourage business investments and industries and make the city a livable place for everyone.


We envision Malaybalay as a peaceful, jus and united community of God-loving people, self-reliant, progressive, and enjoying the fullness of life with a well-developed livelihood based on agriculture and agro-forest industrial initiatives fostering ecological balance.


The operation and management of the public market is administered by the office of CEEDMO, at first the local Economic Enterprise Development and Management Office, were amongst the offices that were created in the new organizational structure of the Municipal Government of Malaybalay,


Back then, LEEDMO manages the public market and the integrated bus terminal operation and management. Then, on 2006 a new service and revenue measure was accorded to CEEDMO through the operation of the City Memorial Park (CMP).

At present, CEEDMO manages the supervision and management of the three (3) facilities namely; the Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT), the City Public Market (CPM) and the City Memorial Park (CMP).

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