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environmental management division

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watershed management division

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The City ENRO will serve as the frontline in the delivery of the environmental protection, preservation and conservation services of the City Government through effective partnership with all stakeholders and through the integration of the principle of ecological sustainable development in all policies and programs.


The City ENRO envisioned Malaybalay City as a community of God-Loving and pro-active citizens pursuing agro-industrial economic progress based on judicious use of natural resources while also safeguarding and sustaining the life-supporting capacity of the environment to maintain ecological balance for the benefit of the present and future generations.



The City Environment and Natural Resources Office (City ENRO) was officially created by virtue of City Ordinance No. 624, Series of 2008, An Ordinance Creating the Organizational Structure and Staffing Pattern of the City of Malaybalay. The Ordinance created the new organizational structure and staffing of the City Government of Malaybalay including the creation of the three (3) new departments namely City Human Resources Management Office, City Legal Office, and the City Environment and Natural Resources Office.


The office started its operation on July 19, 2009 with the appointment of key supervisory and technical positions which included the two Supervising Environmental Management Specialists (Division Chiefs), 1 Environmental Management Specialist, 1 Community Development Assistant, and 1 Administrative Aide IV for the management unit. One of the Supervising Environmental Management Specialist, Ms. Maria Anita L. Fernandez was designated as Officer-in-Charge until her appointment as the first full-pledge City ENR Officer in the year 2011. 


To operationalize the functions of the office with the limited manpower, some personnel from other departments were detailed to the office to assist in the delivery of environmental management services particularly on the solid waste management program. From the year 2011 until 2016, more plantilla positions were filled-up. More Job Order personnel were also hired to assist in the different programs and services for the two existing divisions; the Environmental Management Division (EMD) and Watershed Management Division (WMD).

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