organizational structure

Romeo R. Lapeciros Jr.

City General Services Officer

administrative Suppor Section

everlita S. rubillos

Computer Operator II

anthony R. Ocaya

Driver I

Records Property & Inventory Division

Agnes A. Santos

Records Officer IV

Emmylou T. Zagado

Records Officer III

Rhiva R. See

Clerk IV

Warehousing & Inspection Division

Joel T. Opiala

Supply Officer IV

Giovanni Tulang

Suppy Officer III

Axel S. Abejo

Storekeeper II

Genevieve B. Estrada

Storekeeper I

Maintenance & Public Services Division

Margie S. Tabios

Public Services Officer III

Alex E. Tabuco

Utility Foreman

Sunny A. Casinabe

Driver II

Santiago Laping

Utility Worker II

Babyruth g. reunido

Utility Worker II

Ken Irick M. Ambrad

Utility Worker II

Alejandro L. Dongel

Utility worker I

Jennifer S. Sanchez

Utility Worker I

Erlinda A. Gerado

Utility Worker I


An office manages by God fearing, client-centered and value-oriented personnel, adhering to the principle of accountability when discharging their duties and responsibilities with the highest degree of excellence and professionalism in rendering effective, efficient and responsive property and supply management services in a systematic and sustainable manner for customer satisfaction


To develop frontline employees who are committed to serve a quality service for the common good. Enhance and update knowledge and capabilities to carry out a more responsive and impressive service through trainings to guide in the performance of roles as service providers. Continually re-visit the service vision, mission and pledges to keep pace with some lapses of service rendered. Utilized current strategies and techniques of transparency in the delivery of services by instilling accountability, desirable attitude, moral character and integrity in one’s work for effective implementation of public service policy.


Legal Basis on the Creation of the General Services Office

 Executive Order No. 285 was approved in July 25, 1987 abolishing the General Services Administration (GSA) and transferring its function to appropriate government agencies. This policy of the State is in line with the principles of decentralization, autonomy, accountability and optimization of the use of existing resources of the government thereby the conduct of certain general administration functions be vested in the appropriate government agencies.

Article XX, section 490 of RA 7160 otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991 mandated all LGUs to appoint a general services officer who shall take charge of the office on general services and shall:

(1) Formulate measures for the consideration of the sanggunian and provide technical assistance and support to the governor or mayor, as the case may be, in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities pursuant to Section 17 of this Code and which require general services expertise and technical support services;

(2) Develop plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the governor or mayor, as the case may be, implement the same, particularly those which have to do with the general services supportive of the welfare of the inhabitants which the governor or mayor is empowered to implement and which the sanggunian is empowered to provide for under this Code;

(3) In addition to the foregoing duties and functions, the general services officer shall:

(i) Take custody of and be accountable for all properties, real or personal, owned by the local government unit and those granted to it in the form of donation, reparation, assistance and counterpart of joint projects;

(ii) With the approval of the governor or mayor, as the case may be, assign building or land space to local officials or other public officials, who by law, are entitled to such space;

(iii) Recommend to the governor or mayor, as the case may be, the reasonable rental rates for local government properties, whether real or personal, which will be leased to public or private entities by the local government;

(iv) Recommend to the governor or mayor, as the case may be, reasonable rental rates of private properties which may be leased for the official use of the local government unit;

(v) Maintain and supervise janitorial, security, government public buildings and other real property, whether owned or leased by the local government unit;

(vi) Collate and disseminate information regarding prices, shipping and other costs of supplies and other items commonly used by the local government unit;

(vii) Perform archival and record management with respect to records of offices and departments of the local government unit; and

(viii) Perform all other functions pertaining to supply and property management heretofore performed by the local government treasurer; and enforce policies on records creation, maintenance, and disposal;

(4) Be in the frontline of general services related activities, such as the possible or imminent destruction or damage to records, supplies, properties, and structures and the orderly and sanitary clearing up of waste materials or debris, particularly during and in the aftermath of man-made and natural calamities and disasters;

(5) Recommend to the sanggunian and advise the governor or mayor, as the case may be, on all matters relative to general services; and (c)Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

            In the new vision statement of Malaybalay City, it is still the commitment of the City government to ensure stable public and effective governance. Thus, the office of the City General Services is created functional with its two main divisions: The Supply Management Division (has the procurement section and warehouse and storage sections) and the Property Management Division (has the Inventory and archive section and the maintenance and security section) and its Administrative support staff directly under the Department Head.

            The general principle of the GSO is to formulate measures for the consideration of the Sanggunian and provide technical assistance and support to the mayor in carrying out measures to ensure the delivery of basic services and provision of adequate facilities and which require general services expertise and technical support services, and exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions may be prescribed by law or ordinance.


Accomplishments of Supply Management Division

A. Procurement Section

Procurement Section
Sectoral Goal: Transparent and accountable governance
Organizational Outcome: Fast, efficient and quality and timely procurement of goods and services
Major final output: Efficient and systematic flow of procurement processes and services.

Prepared, recorded and processed

-1,972 Purchase Requests

-2,122 Request for Quotations

-5,566 Purchase Orders and Abstract of Quotations within 1.5 hours per document.                        

Prepared Canvass (RFQ)6,566 and opened 6,239 RFQ's from various suppliers within the set deadline and 327 opened beyond the set deadline.

Inspected various supplies and materials delivered based on approved PO w/in 15 minutes and processed 2,692 IAR w/ 98% accuracy.

Prepared 2,400 Obligation Receipts (OBRE) and Disbursement Vouchers

Of 5,774 RFQs floated, 5,585 came in on or before closing date, 186 returned after closing date. 96.73% of total floated RFQs returned/retrieved on or before the closing date.

Assisted 3 local potential suppliers to enroll/register at PhilGEPS (Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System)

B. Warehouse Section

Sectoral goal: Transparent and accountable governance

Organizational outcome: People-centered, clean & efficient governance

Major final out puts:

1.    Resource Allocation, Mobilization and Management

2.    Waste Material Management

Checked, accounted and stored various items based from approved and received 328 Purchase Orders containing common supplies and materials w/ 100 % all accounted for. Of 328 POs, only 306 PO/RIS was released and withdrawn by the end users and 22 POs are unclaimed. 95% of POs are released

Recorded and stored 68 units/items of furnitures, appliances and office equipment based from approved PO w/ 100% all accounted for.

Recorded and facilitated the release of various supplies to:

-23 offices procured through public bidding. 12 offices have not claimed the supplies for 2018;

-24 offices procured thru DBM, 3 offices have not withdrawn the item

Issued and filed 177 Waste Materials Report (WMR) and record 102 Property Return Slips forwarded from Inventory Section.

Received, recorded and forwarded 312 Charge Invoices to the GSO Main Office containing supplies and materials based on approved PO

Conducted 12 months physical inventory of remaining supplies and materials with 100% accuracy.

Accomplishment of Property Management Division

A. Inventory & Archives

Inventory and Archives Section

Sectoral Goal:  Transparent and accountable governance

Organizational Outcome:    People centered, clean & efficient governanceMajor Final Output:   Proper Records Management

Conducted Actual physical Inventory to 22 barangays, 41 schools & 41 offices

Generated and recorded 181 Acknowledgment Receipt for Equipment (ARE) and 142 Inventory Custodian Slip (ICS) for newly acquired equipment.

Recorded and verified 102 Property Return Slips of unserviceable properties and equipment

Recorded and tagged 236 newly delivered and acquired items and equipment

Prepared and issued 102 property clearance certifications

Registered and processed the insurance of 125 city owned vehicles, 31 city buildings and 150 barangay buildings

Collected unserviceable properties of 17 barangays and 5 schools

Conducted actual inspection of 195 government motor vehicles owned by the city.

Renewed 1,700 Acknowledgement Receipt for Equipment (ARE) and Inventory Custodian Slip of different barangays and schools.

Accomplishment of Administrative Section:

Total Number of Office Documents Issued and Approved by the GSO @ 2019
1. Office Order (OIC) 12

2. Office Order (Designation & Office Assignment)Office Order (Designation & Office Assignment)


3. Office Memorandum


4. Travel Order


5. Trip Tickets


B. Maintenance Section

Maintenance Section

Sectoral Goal:   Accessible & equitable social services

Organizational Outcome:   Quality and Responsive General Services

Major Final Outputs:

1. Provide Maintenance on Sanitation, Security & other support General Services; andProvide Public Safety and Security

Provide/rendered the following general services:

1.Aircon check and repair – 71 services

2.Plumbing services – 17 services

3.Mower/grass cutter services – 31 services

4.Carpentry – 5 service

5.Assist/provide manpower in various city’s activities and programs – 49 clients

6.Cleaning Services as per approved request- 110 services

Provided and monitored the personnel assigned twice-a week, the following:

5 Watchmen & 2 Blue Guards assigned at Old City Hall.

2 Watchman & 2 Blue Guards assigned at Plaza Rizal.

7 Blue Guards & 3 Watchmen assigned at the New City Hall Building.

2 Watchmen & 1 Blue Guard assigned at Pink & White House.

2 Watchmen assigned at the ICT/ CAP Bldg until July 15, 2019.

21 Blue Guards assigned in various areas of LGU.

Provide and monitored the assigned utility workers daily:

6 Utility Worker assigned at Plaza Rizal

3 U/W assigned at City Playground

5 Utility Worker assigned at City Covered Court

2 U/W assigned at Roxas Memorial Park

6 U/W assigned at Old City Hall

17 U/W assigned at New City Hall Bldg.

6 U/W assigned manpower and other various services