organizational structure


City Accountant

atty. anna marie r. Bergado, cpa

Assistant City Accountant

administrative Support Division

liezl o. casinabe

Records Officer II

administrative Support Section

ike p. aldeguer

Driver II

Joseph b. Ganabe

Utility Worker I (Casual)

Records and Maintenance

Sergio o. tura jr.

Utility Worker I (Casual)

City Financial Transactions Division

Financial Reports

ramiel b. coscos, cpa

Accountant III

katherine r. niere, cpa

Senior Bookkeeper

Vernaliza. vidal


Leann Trisha Alison T. Cajegas, cpa

Accountant I

subsidiary Recap

Roselle C. Alcontin

Senior Bookkeeper

Rafael D. Vidal, III

Senior Bookkeeper

Windelyn S. Juarez

Accounting Clerk IV

Gina S. Gaston

Clerk II

Jocelyn D. Indapan

Clerk I

Internal Control Division

Pre audit Section

Rey A. Carias

Management and Audit Assistant

teresa j. Quinto

Clerk I

Property Inspection

Engr. Casenio a. Alombro

Engineer II

Barangay Financial Transactions Division

Barangay Bookkeeping Section 1

Teresita T. Flores

Fiscal Examiner III

Dionesio Q. Alesna

Senior bookkeeper

Abul Hassan A. Paporo


Gina A. bionson

Clerk II

John Benedict E. rodriguez

Accountant I

Barangay Bookkeeping Section 2

Nelda E. Achacoso

Fiscal Examiner III

Eduard Clam O. Madronero

Clerk II

eunice Alegarbes

Administrative Assistant I

Office Description

The City Financial Transaction Division is responsible for the recording of financial transactions and preparation of financial statements of the city government in accordance with GAAP and the rules and regulations of the Commission on Audit and other regulatory agencies.

The Internal Control Division is responsible for complex fiscal-accounting, examination, control and audit tasks of the financial and internal control systems to safeguard the firm’s assets, ensure accurate and reliable accounting records and information, promote efficiency and measure compliance with the City Government policies, generally accepted accounting principles and COA rules and regulations.

The Barangay Transaction Division is in charge of recording, posting, classifying and summarizing all financial transactions, as well as preparation and maintenance of financial reports of the 46 barangays of the City.

The Administrative Division maintains and keeps the City Government’s voluminous official records and documents to ensure proper management, prevention and disposition of all files and monitors office’ compliance to the transaction protocol manual and provides organizational support to the other divisions of the Office, discharging tasks related to the day-to-day communication, coordination, administration and planning functions, as well as enforcing office and departmental policies, rules and regulations and other provisions of the Civil Service Law.

We, the MALAYBALAY CITY ACCOUNTANT’S OFFICE (CAO) envision to provide exemplary client satisfaction and fiscal information where employees
are God-centered, productive and dedicated in promoting transparency and accountability through good governance.

To be an institution of quality fiscal information through effective accounting and internal control system that assures the proper use, control and disposal of public funds.

Annual Report 2021


In the aid of expediting the process of Job order payroll that has been due for a very long time, together with the Management Information System headed by Mr. Salick Darangina, The City Accounting Office introduces new Job order payroll format.

Through the works of the City’s programmers, the system includes uniform payroll format, concise summary of deductions per office, correct total of gross according the number of days present in a month multiplied by their corresponding daily rates which is collated on a database named ARMS or Accounting Remittance Management System.

These issues have been a concern most especially to the ends of the City Accounting Office upon checking every payroll since it would take much of the time that would cause the delay of the processing of every payroll.

The system is hoped to be useful in the coming years as the aim of the City Government is to provide efficient and effective public service through innovative ways and this also develops potential ease of access of information.

Currently, the City Accounting Office is working with the City Human Resource Management Office through the City’s HRM Officer Ms. Magnolia Improgo to do same development with the Regular employee’s payroll.

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