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The City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) of Malaybalay organized the 2nd Monday Convocation Program on July 10, 2023, under the theme “Bidang Pilipino: Building a Stronger Filipino Well-Being Towards a Disaster Resilience”.
Leading the event with his opening remarks is Mr. Alan J. Comiso, head of the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO). He acknowledged the City Mayor Jay Warren Pabillaran, City Vice-mayor, Estelito “Litoy” Marabe, and the City Councilors who were present in the event.
The highlight of the event was the insightful speech delivered by Mr. Antonio B. Sugarol, the Regional Director of the Office of Civil Defense in Region X, under the Department of National Defense. Director Sugarol’s address focused on empowering public servants to transform public service practices into resilient ones.
During his speech, Director Sugarol unveiled the plans for the observance of the national disaster resilience month. These plans include comprehensive contingency planning for flash floods and earthquakes in Bukidnon, involving local chief executives and DRRMO offices. He stressed the importance of resilient organizations that plan, invest, adapt quickly, and transform to provide better services during times of disaster and calamities.
Highlighting two key aspects of resilience, Director Sugarol emphasized the need for both resilient operations and a resilient society. He underscored the significance of prioritizing preparation, responsibility, and bold leadership to achieve true resilience in the face of adversity.
Meanwhile, Mayor Pabillaran expressed his appreciation and congratulations to the “Sinanglanan Irrigators Association” for their outstanding achievement at the national level. The association has successfully secured a substantial Php 1.3 million project, marking a significant milestone for the community.
The mayor also took the opportunity to extend his gratitude to the City Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) for their diligent efforts in organizing the event, which was successfully held at the City Hall parking lot. He emphasized the necessity of choosing a more spacious location due to limited space in the people’s hall, ensuring that all attendees could fully participate in the event.
During his speech, he highlighted the preparedness of the City Risk Reduction and Management Office (CDRRMO) in handling calamities in Malaybalay. He specifically expressed his appreciation for the CDRRMO, led by Comiso, for their response during an unexpected flood incident in June.
Additionally, Mayor Pabillaran expressed his hope that the engineering and architectural work for the CDRRMO building would soon be completed. Once finished, this dedicated facility will provide the necessary infrastructure for effective rescue operations. The mayor also emphasized the importance of efficient communication during disasters, underscoring the need for appropriate resources to be in place.
Mayor Pabillaran reiterated the city government’s commitment to provide the best services possible to its constituents, emphasizing the importance of utilizing available resources to achieve maximum efficiency. He assured the residents of Malaybalay that their government is dedicated to contributing to the nation-building efforts of the Philippines.
With the city’s commitment to disaster preparedness, Malaybalay City continues to make significant strides in its development and the welfare of its residents.