The recently concluded Batang Pinoy 2023, a prominent grassroots sports program focused on nurturing emerging talents, witnessed Malaybalay City’s outstanding performance, showcasing both skill and dedication. The event, held to foster sportsmanship and skill development among the youth, took place in Manila on December 17, 2023 and featured commendable achievements by the city’s delegation.

Comprising 66 individuals, including athletes, coaches, and staff, Malaybalay City participated in seven sports disciplines: Athletics, Boxing, Chess, Lawn Tennis, Karatedo, Taekwondo, and Swimming. The competition provided a platform for the city’s young athletes to exhibit their prowess and commitment to sports excellence.

Malaybalay City’s representatives demonstrated exceptional performance, securing a total of 14 medals. The city proudly took home 3 gold medals, 3 silver medals, and 8 bronze medals, highlighting the depth and breadth of talent within the delegation. The medals not only represent individual achievements but also mirror the collective effort and dedication of the entire team.

The medalists from Malaybalay City include Jaervi June E. Hernani and Saud M. Angkig, who clinched gold medals in Boxing, along with John Dave R. Sumampong, who secured a bronze. In Chess, the team consisting of Cassey Miguel F. Tabamo, Sebastian B. Damonsong, and Luke Haden M. Albores collectively earned bronze medals. Cryztyn Leonardo excelled in Swimming, bagging gold, silver, and bronze medals, while the Swimming relay team – Price John Namoc, Leonard Odelle Naretto, Nathan Monsanto, and Mark David Mendez – claimed a bronze medal. Al Rasheed Lucman secured a silver medal in Tennis, while Jillieane Roviegne Villar and Christian Jay Matulac achieved bronze and silver medals, respectively, in Taekwondo.

Participating in Athletics, Boxing, Chess, Lawn Tennis, Karatedo, Taekwondo, and Swimming, Malaybalay City’s athletes demonstrated skill, resilience, and sportsmanship. The diversity of sports highlighted the participants’ versatility and passion for competition.

Out of nearly 200 local government units (LGUs) and over 18,000 participants across 25 sports, Malaybalay City secured the 69th position in Batang Pinoy 2023.

The success of Malaybalay City in this event underscores the effectiveness of grassroots sports programs in nurturing and developing young talents. The dedication and achievements of these young athletes, supported by their coaches and staff, not only contribute to individual growth but also foster a culture of sports excellence within the community. As these promising talents continue to evolve, the future of Malaybalay City’s sports scene looks promising and vibrant.

Report: City Sports & Development – CMO-NADA