The City Budget’s Office sponsored the second Monday convocation program of the City Government of Malaybalay anchored on the theme: “Real Change, Love of Service,” on February 14, 2022.

Held at People’s Hall, City Hall, invited guest speaker Mark Lemuel Garcia keenly expounded his thoughts and experiences in connection to this month’s theme. He expressed his talk by saying, “Change is one of the hardest events in life. If you want to be successful, you have to accept that success is not comfortable to consider but you have to be comfortable of being uncomfortable”.

Garcia, in his speech, stressed that real change is a continual process that should start within one’s self and must be anchored on our public servant’s desire for continuous improvement and development.

On the other hand, Office-in-Charge Vice Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran said in his message that “We are not the center of the city. The people who need our help and service is our center”. He also added that being an employee in the City Government implies genuine service to the people of Malaybalay.