The City Health Office-Population and Development section successfully conducted the Responsible Parenthood and Family Planning for Labor Force Empowerment (RPFP4LFE) program on June 21, 2024.

The activity featured key topics on responsible parenthood presented by Ms. Fruitelyn Z. Vicente, family planning by Ms. Arlene T. Oronan, and STI/HIV/AIDS, along with healthy lifestyle tips on diet and exercise, delivered by Dr. Kim T. Luardo.

The event, held at SUMIFRU in Barangay Magsaysay, brought together partners from various companies, labor unions, institutions, and other stakeholders to establish office policies, strategies, and activities aimed at providing workers with access to responsible parenthood and family planning (RPFP) information and services.

The RPFP4LFE initiative is designed to benefit employees by reducing unexpected absences due to pregnancy-related concerns, complications, and postpartum challenges. By helping families achieve their desired number of children, the program aims to enhance their capacity to provide for their children’s basic needs.

The project includes setting up RPFP services in workplace clinics and other health facilities, training service providers, offering referral services, and incorporating RPFP sessions into Human Resource Development programs.

The event was a success, reaching 124 individuals who received comprehensive information and family planning commodities.

Report: Lianne Jones T. Cajegas, CHO-NADA