The City Human Resource and Management Office (CHRMO) spearheaded the year-ender convocation program of the City Government of Malaybalay anchored on the theme, “Excellence and Gratitude: The Secrets of Joy in Public Service,” on December 9, 2019.

Guest speaker, Dr. Susan S. Olana discussed her insights of the excellent qualities and traits of being a public servant. She told the audience about striving for excellence in public service, “we should go the extra mile, it is never crowded there.”

The long-time public servant in the field of education told the audience that excellence is not about rank nor your job description. It is not a short journey nor being good in all things but creating a positive impact of what you do.

She added, “Public Service is a joy. A joy for those who receive services and those who benefit directly or indirectly. A joy for those who deliver and manage services. A joy for those who decide what public service should be. Even a joy for those who pay for them.”

Dr. Olana also emphasized the value of gratitude. The outstanding school principal awardee mentioned that we have to be grateful and count the blessings we had already received. She further expressed in her speech that we can never be grateful if we are not contented of what we have. “Gratitude gives satisfaction in life,” she said.

In the program, City Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr., in his message extended his admiration and gratitude to all the employees of the City Government who strive to do their best in their respective duties and responsibilities.

Mayor Flores told City employees that your work here is already a blessing to you and we hope your service is also a blessing to the receiver.

The jam-packed program at the People’s Hall was filled with excitement and joy as the local chief executive addressed the crowd of the much anticipated incentives in appreciation for a job well done.