The City Health Office recently conducted a food safety orientation for food handlers on February 8, 2023, at the Enhanced Screening Area and Bukidnon Provincial Medical Center in this city. The event was held to educate food handlers in the city on the importance of proper food handling and storage practices to prevent foodborne illnesses.

A total of 106 food handlers, the majority of whom were local eatery owners, city food vendors, and BPMC kitchen cooks, attended the orientation. Sanitary Inspector Jenny Jumamoy, Nurse Fiona Helena Maquiling, and Hezron Belonio from the City Health Office’s environmental sanitation program discussed the dangers of foodborne illnesses and the steps that can be taken to prevent them.

The participants were also taught about the proper way to handle food, including washing their hands regularly, wearing gloves while handling food, and keeping food at the right temperature to prevent spoilage. The speakers also stressed the importance of maintaining clean and sanitary working conditions to prevent contamination.

In addition to the Food Handlers Class, some food handlers shared their experiences and best practices for food safety, which provided valuable insights for the other food handlers in attendance.

At the end of the orientation, participants received certificates of completion and were encouraged to continue learning about food safety. The City Health Office also stated that they will be conducting similar orientations in the future to ensure that all food handlers in the community are aware of the importance of food safety.

This food safety orientation is a testament to the City Health Office’s commitment to promoting public health and ensuring that residents have access to safe and healthy food. The City Health Office hopes that this initiative will help reduce the number of foodborne illnesses in the community and promote a healthier food environment for all.

Report: Jezza Nina Marie Vega, CHO-NADA