The City Health Office, headed by Dr. Dennis P. Sangalang, recently conducted a medical mission for flood victims in Barangay Sinanglanan on January 19, 2022. The team consisted of doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who volunteered their time to provide much-needed care to those affected by the floods.

The medical mission was set up in the covered court, where the health workers were able to provide a range of services, including medical consultations, laboratory tests, and vaccinations. They also distributed essential medicines and provided information on proper nutrition, disease prevention, and hygiene to help prevent the spread of illness.

The team worked determinedly to help as many people as possible, seeing over 188 patients in just one day. Many of the patients had been temporarily displaced from their homes and had been without access to medical care for some time. The health workers provided much-needed relief to those suffering from a range of health issues, including respiratory infections, and skin diseases sustained during the floods.

The medical mission was a huge success, with many patients expressing their gratitude for the care they received. The health workers were able to provide a lifeline to those affected by the floods, and their efforts were praised by both the local community.

The health workers were not only providing medical care but also inviting resource speakers from different sections in the City Health Office to provide education on how to keep healthy, well-nourished, and prevent leptospirosis, which was rendered by Nurse Fiona Dapigran, Jenny Jumamoy from Sanitation, Jezza Nina Marie Vega, and El Jene Lopena from Nutrition. The opening program was also graced by Dr. Kim T. Luardo, our city’s medical physician.

By: Jezza Nina Marie Vega, CHO-NADA