In an effort to empower and support the Backyard Poultry Farmers Association in Bukidnon, a Seminar on Poultry Production and Management was held on October 11, 2023. The event took place at the ANPAS Agricultural Learning Site, Simaya Malaybalay City, and was attended by various stakeholders from the poultry industry.

This brought together members of the Bukidnon Backyard Poultry Association, representing different areas including Manolo Fortich, Sumilao, Malaybalay City, San Fernando, Valencia City, and Don Carlos. Additionally, representatives from The Rural Bank of Manolo Fortich and the Malaybalay City Veterinary Office (CVO) – Livestock Production Breeding and Training Center were in attendance.

The seminar featured resource speakers from the Malaybalay CVO who shared their expertise with the participants. Dr. Omar T. Cahanap discussed common diseases and healthcare practices in poultry production. Annabel C. Sia enlightened the audience about the Livestock Insurance Program, while Phile Rae M. Bonggo provided insights into production cost-benefit analysis.

The primary objectives of the seminar were to capacitate the backyard poultry farmers association in Bukidnon, open up investment opportunities in the backyard poultry sector, and provide technical assistance and consultation to both existing and aspiring backyard poultry producers. The event also served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration, aimed at advancing the poultry industry in the province.

Report: Dr. Omar Cahanap, CVO-NADA