A training program focusing on Basic Artificial Insemination for Large and Small Ruminants, specifically Phase 2 – Module 3: Actual Field Immersion, took place on August 11, 2023, in Kitaotao, Bukidnon.

The initiative was a collaboration involving key agencies including the National Livestock Program, Department of Agriculture Region 10, and the Provincial Veterinary Office of Bukidnon.

Notable participants included the Bukidnon Artificial Insemination Technicians Association and the Malaybalay City Livestock Production, Breeding, and Training Center, with Alexis I Flores II as the Agricultural Center Chief and Phile Rae M. Bonggo as the Training Coordinator, and Dr. Omar T. Cahanap, Livestock Production Veterinarian. Among the participants were Jose Castro Jr, John Ray Sagrado, Ronuel Damasco, and Robert Russell Marte.

The purpose of the training was to further elevate the quality and quantity of the livestock cattle industry across the City, Province, and Region, with the ultimate aspiration of achieving excellence at the national level.

This goal was pursued through the concerted efforts of several agencies, including the Bukidnon Artificial Insemination Technicians Association, Local Government Unit (LGU) Livestock technicians, and the Malaybalay City Livestock Production Breeding and Training Center, operating under the City Veterinary Office.

The collaboration extended beyond mere training, as every Local Government Unit (LGU) in the Province of Bukidnon united to support a specifically designated Municipality in various domains, encompassing Artificial Insemination, Animal health care treatments, and Consultation, as well as Livestock Production.

Notably, Malaybalay City actively engaged the Livestock Program throughout the Region, capitalizing on its expertise and experience to aid other Municipalities in their development efforts. This shared approach was facilitated by continuous collaboration and support from the Provincial Government and the National Livestock Program, under the Department of Agriculture Region 10.

Report: Dr. Omar Cahanap, City Vet – NADA