City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) sponsored the convocation program of the City Government of Malaybalay on November 13, 2017 at the Peoples Hall, City Hall.

Being in the frontline of good governance, the host office focused on the theme, “Youth Engagement and Local Planning: Strategies to City Building.”

CPDO plays a vital role in the City Government’s crafting of at least 30 different developmental plans and programs to draw a map for a better and effective implementation of different projects and activities of the City and its barangays.

As the youth is considered a very important sector in comprehensive planning, resource speaker Atty. Phoebe Corazon C. Hidalgo discussed the role and significance of the youth in City building in a manner of a proactive and result oriented strategies based on the City’s mission and vision.

The SP secretary aligned her topic in the City’s developmental goal known as the P-PARTS under the administration of Mayor Ignacio W. Zubiri.

P-PARTS defined as pro-active and resilient communities toward progressive economy; accessible and equitable services; reliable and sufficient infrastructure and utilities; transparent and accountable governance and sustainable environment.

The resource speaker also highlighted the alarming case of HIV among the youth that in the month of December 2016, 29 cases were recorded daily and 19 of them are ages 15-24 years old. Atty. Hidalgo addressed this concern that this should not be neglected and let their voices be heard as we move forward in nation-building.