The first of nine scheduled batches of Basic Life Support (BLS) and Standard First Aid (SFA) training sessions for city health personnel began this week at CEEDMO and Barangay Sumpong Covered Court, respectively. The training, held from June 3 to June 7, is conducted by Bonch Agene, DOH X Core Trainer and Training Director, alongside a team of DOH X BLS-SFA trainers, including Marichu L. De Asis, Janice U. DueƱas, Ian L. Larombe, Antonio Isauro, and Steven Cary S. Manuel.

This initiative aims to comply with the Department of Health Administrative Order (A.O.) 155 s. 2004, which mandates Basic Life Support training for all health workers. Additionally, the training is part of broader efforts to enhance disaster preparedness, prevention, and mitigation among city health personnel.

The training program consists of a two-day Basic Life Support course, featuring lectures, a written exam, and return demonstrations. This is followed by a three-day Standard First Aid course, also comprising lectures, written assessments, and practical return demonstrations.

By equipping health personnel with essential BLS and SFA skills, the program aims to ensure that city health workers are well-prepared to respond effectively to emergencies and disasters, thereby improving community health outcomes and resilience.