The City Engineering Office has released a project status data for the period from July 26, 2021 to August 25, 2021 supervising a total of 70 various infrastructure projects worth Php 198.7 million.

The projects included were 35 buildings amounting to Php 58.5 million(M), 37 other structures worth Php 59.9-M, and construction of 11 water systems with a combined cost of Php 5.9-M

The bigger allocation of the budget was funded towards the completion and ongoing construction of 6 roads and bridges pegged at Php 74.4-M.

Among these projects, 16 were recently completed and six projects already obtained more than 90% progress to date under the supervision of CEO-OIC Roy A. Lapuz.

Some of the completed projects involved the concreting of junction Old Managok road to Maligaya Road alloted with ₱ 36,978,724.61; construction of 1 story 3 classroom school building at Apo Macote NHS amounting to ₱ 3,940,857.29; construction of 2 story multi-purpose building at barangay Silae costs ₱ 2,495,860.32; and construction of 1 story 2 classroom school building at barangay Dalwangan with a budget of ₱ 2,486,292.75.

Other notable accomplishments were the construction of a canal with cover/sidewalk, curb, and gutter located at Barangay 2 amounted to ₱ 2,456,278.74, concreting of the service road for Casisamg SHS and school division office at Barangay Casisang costs ₱ 2,007,809.54 and the construction of Reservoirs of Puroks 1A, 1B, 2 and 5 at Barangay Magsaysay costing ₱ 1,753,676.88.