The candidate representing Malaybalay, Dolly C. Cruz bagged this year’s Laga ta Bukidnon during the grand coronation on April 6, 2022, held at the Kaamulan Folk Arts Theatre.

After two cancelled annual celebrations, the Kaamulan Festival is back with one of its highlights: “Laga ta Bukidnon”. Twenty-one lovely candidates bringing the names of their cities and municipalities, aimed to take home the crown.

In the final round of the competition, Cruz was asked by the host, “With the challenges of modernity and globalization, what can we do to strengthen our respect and recognition for the culture of our indigenous communities in Bukidnon?”

Cruz answered, “First and foremost, you can never give what you don’t have. Therefore, as Laga Ta Bukidnon, I should engage myself in order to learn more and experience the Bukidnon culture. I was able to be with the Talaandig tribe and appreciate their culture, and in that way, I will be able to apply to myself and by applying and knowing it, I will be able to share it with the world.”

She expounded that as a teacher, she will be able to share her knowledge about our culture with the heirs of Bukidnon, and with the current modernization of time, technology, and medium that we have, it will be her tool to spread it to the world, invite influencers to tell people how beautiful and world-class like Bukidnon and our culture is.

Candidate number 18, Cruz, received the Miss Koneko Special Award and the Laga Ta Bukidnon 2022 crown, which made the people of Malaybalay festive and proud.

Report by: Trisha Ana Flor T. Maputi, NADA-Tourism