The City Veterinary Office (CVO) – Livestock Production Breeding and Training Center received a plaque of appreciation on December 15, 2023, at The Gardens Party Venue in Brgy 1, Malaybalay City. The award from the Provincial Government of Bukidnon emphasizes CVO’s outstanding role in the swine industry and its leadership in the artificial insemination program in Bukidnon.

Representatives from various municipalities in Bukidnon attended the event, showcasing their collaboration and support for the program. Dr. Stephen M. Arcayera, head of the Provincial Veterinary Office, was present to honor this achievement. Dr. Michele C. Miquiabas, CVO head, and the staff were also acknowledged for their significant contributions.

The award acknowledges and expresses gratitude for the Livestock Center’s remarkable efforts in improving the genetics of the Swine Industry and boosting farmers’ income. It highlights the center’s crucial role in advancing the livestock sector and promoting sustainability in Bukidnon’s agricultural community.

Report: Dr. Omar T. Cahanap