The Pag-asa Youth Association of Philippines (PYAP) – Malaybalay City Chapter- Federation with the guidance and support of the CSWDO- Youth Welfare Section conducted sportsfest in which over 400 PYA group members participated.

The 3-day event was held at Barangay Violeta on December 16 – 18, 2022 together with CSWDO staff and officials of the said host barangay.

The activity aims to empower the youth socially, economically, physically and spiritually and to develop their hidden potentials and leadership skills through sports and other youth related activities.

At least 10 activities were organized, namely: basketball, volleyball, handicraft, essay writing, poster making, Mr. & Mrs. PYA Ambassador, amazing race, vocal solo and modern dance. This also includes the awarding of PYA projects such as backyard gardening, livelihood, and creative advocacy.

One of the highlights of the activity was the Search for Mr.& Ms. PYAP Ambassador in which Mr. Bangcud and Ms. San Martin were declared winners.

The activity ended with the giving of awards to the winners of the games and to groups who worked hard for their PYAP Projects.

The declared winners were: modern dance – 1st Prize – San Martin PYA, 2nd Prize – Casisang, and 3rd Prize – Managok; vocal solo – 1st Prize – Mapulo, 2nd Prize – Maligaya, 3rd Prize – Aglayan; handicraft making – 1st Prize – San Martin, 2nd Prize – Casisang, 3rd Prize – Mapayag; best PYA 2022 – 1st Prize – Maligaya, 2nd Prize – Bangcud, 3rd Prize – Barangay 1; backyard gardening – 1st Prize – Barangay 1, 2nd Prize – Bangcud, 3rd Prize – Maligaya, 4th Prize – Miglamin, 5th Prize – Kibalabag; livelihood – 1st Prize – Bangcud, 2nd Prize – Maligaya, and 3rd Prize – Barangay 1.

Other winners were: essay writing – 1st Prize – San Martin, 2nd Prize – Linabo, 3rd Prize – Casisang; poster making – 1st Prize – Aglayan, 2nd Prize – Maligaya, 3rd Prize – Managok; creative advocacy – 1st Prize – Maligaya, 2nd Prize – Miglamin, 3rd Prize – Casisang, 4th Prize – Barangay 1, and 5th Prize – Bangcud.

Lastly, rankings of Mr. and Ms. PYA ambassadors were: Mr. PYA – Bangcud, 1st runner up – Sinanglanan, 2nd runner up – San Martin; Ms. PYA – San Martin, 1st runner up – Linabo, 2nd runner up – Bangcud.

Repot by: CSWDO-NADA