The CMO – City Tourism Division under the supervision of STOO Honolu Marie C. Cruzin, together with Ulric Ching, focal person for mountain tourism, conducted the final assessment to Mt. Dulang-dulang via Dalwangan Route traverse to Sitio Bul-ogan, Sungko, Lantapan, Bukidnon in line with the re-opening of the said route.
The activity, conducted on November 15 to 18, 2022, was participated by the CDRRMO personnel and by the Northern Mindanao Mountaineering Society (NORMMS) and Bukidnon Mountaineering Club Inc. (BUMOC).
Mt. Dulang-dulang, also known as the Mossy Forest and is dubbed as D2, is the highest elevation peak in the Mt. Kitanglad Range Natural Park with an elevation of 2,938mASL. It is the 2nd highest mountain in the Philippines next to Mt. Apo of Davao. D2 has two (2) entry points; Sitio Bul-ogan, Sungco, Lantapan, Bukidnon and Sitio Damitan, Dalwangan, Malaybalay City.
D2 is considered as a sacred mountain for the Bukidnon Tribe of the Daraghuyan Tribal Community. The tribal leader, Adelina Tarino “Bae Inatlawan” ”Pamuhat” led a ritual at the jump-off before the climb proper to ask for permission, safety, blessing, and good weather to “Magbabaya”.
Mt. Dulang-dulang via Dalwangan Route is considered by mountaineers as an extreme trail. Its difficulty is said to be 9/9 therefore, it is not recommended for beginners and climbers who are not physically prepared. The trail even gets more difficult especially when it rains. Therefore, safety and precaution must always be the top priority for every climbers. This route is where the majestic Lalawan Falls is found at the elevation of 2063.3mASL.
The team concluded the three-day activity by gathering at Roberto’s Place for a group dinner. Atty. Albert Lagamon, chairman of KIN NGO and past president of NORMMS, delivered his speech on responsible mountaineering. He mentioned that “Tourism is really a business, and that our capital is nature itself so we must be responsible about managing it and have a really deep cultural sensitivity in terms of dealing with the lumads”.
Other participants also shared their insights, recommendations, and suggestions to the group that could help in the post-climb evaluation. The program has ended with the idea of coordination of all the stakeholders in making Mt. Dulang-dulang via Dalwangan Route as a newly re-opened Mountain Tourism Site in the city.
The Mountain Tourism Team is grateful to Bae Inatlawan for giving her full trust in assessing their ancestral domain and allowing the Dalwangan trail to Mt. Dulang-dulang to re-open soon to climbers.
Report: Jiany Bon B. Bagiohan & Blendale Lynn L. Acaba
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