The Farm Project celebrated its first anniversary through a ritual ceremony called “Pamahandi” during the full moon of this month. Datu Makabulig and his family organized the said activity which started when the sunrise began at 5:30 in the morning on June 14, 2022.

Farm Project is an emerging farm tourism site in Zone 3 Barangay Mapayag, Malaybalay City. They were the first farm tourism site in Barangay Mapayag.

The activities they offered are camping, bonfire, trail ride, picnic, river swimming, and trekking. Their amenities are cottages, an ongoing function hall, and a restroom, they also have fresh strawberries and other fruit-bearing trees that visitors can pick.

“Pamahandi” is the yearly worship of every family to thank the “Magbabaya” for all the graces and blessings. A swine or native chickens are offered during the thanksgiving.

Datu Ruwelo B. Salajag “Datu Dagsaan”, Datu Rufo Ugsalan Inanod “Datu Bagyasan the 2nd”, Datu Ramie Berial “Datu Lingion” are the Ritualist of the Pamahandi, they are from Talaandig, Umayamnon and Higaonon Tribes.

Some of the attendees were Barangay Captain Conrado Sungkit Jr. with the Barangay Kagawads, Datu Alberto L. Ramonal “Datu Kalalagan”, friends and workers of the owner, and Malaybalay City tourism Officer and staff.

While waiting for the “Panampulot” which means partaking in foods with the spirits, Datu Dagsaan shared the meaning of the things, food, and animals that are offered during the ritual meanwhile Datu Bagyasan the 2nd shared why there is a ritual and what are the different kinds of ritual for the spirit guardian of the land or soil, plants, food and many more. Datu Lingion, also shared the story about the Peace Treaty between Maranao and Bukidnon in Sabangan.

The City Tourism was invited to witness how beautiful and sacred the culture of Malaybalay City is, as they are now in the process of promoting our Local Culture, Arts, and Heritage.

Report by: Trisha Ana Flor T. Maputi NADA-Tourism