In a bid to address the challenges faced by adolescent mothers and their families, a 2-day session on family enrichment was held on March 14-15, 2024.

The event, hosted by the City Social Welfare & Development Office (CSWDO) at the Old People’s Hall in Barangay 1, aims to empower adolescent mothers, their partners, and families through the ProtecTEEN project.

According to CSWDO, Adolescent pregnancy remains a significant concern in the Philippines, with profound negative impacts on young parents and their families.
It is cited that the ProtecTEEN project is a Social Welfare model of intervention that aims to protect and promote psychosocial wellbeing and improves the capacity of teenage parents in performing their expected roles as young adults and responsibilities as parenting youth.

Malaybalay City was among the three Local Government Units chosen for the pilot testing of the ProtecTEEN. There were 2 pilot barangays identified where the project will be implemented. These were Barangay Kalasungay and Barangay San Jose.

The sessions, attended by 21 participants including adolescent mothers, fathers, and grandparents, focused on various aspects of parenthood and self-awareness.

Through activities centered around seven key topics such as identity, sexuality, overcoming stigma, and self-healing, participants gained insights into their rights, aspirations, and support networks.

The initiative also aims not only to equip adolescent parents with necessary skills but also to foster healing and reconciliation within families.

By increasing awareness, enhancing support systems, and ensuring access to social protection programs, the ProtecTEEN project strives to uplift adolescent mothers and their families as they embark on their journey of parenthood.