The City Government of Malaybalay through the City Human Resource Management Office conducted a seminar workshop titled “SERVICE IMPROVEMENT IN TRANSITION FOR THE NEW ERA: SHARED VALUES, WORK ETHICS AND PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY SEMINAR WORKSHOP last August 30,2022 at Bukidnon Breeze,Sumpong Malaybalay City .This was participated by 42 employees coming from the different city government offices. The Speaker of the said activity was Jutchel L. Nayra, DPA,MBM of Bukidnon State University‚Äôs College of Administration Government Affairs Department.

The speaker discussed the importance of public service values of Patriotism, Integrity, Excellence and Spirituality or (PIES). These are very important in public service. The speaker also emphasized that being a public servant entails responsibility and accountability. City Mayor Atty Jay Warren R. Pabillaran encouraged the participants to unite, help each other, and leave an impact public service for the betterment of the Local Government of Malaybalay City. Mayor Pabillaran also stated that an open government will be exercised in his term so that transparency will prevail.

The activity aimed to build employee commitment toward their work and the organization. It also enabled them to conduct self-assessment in order to improve their performance anchored on values and work ethics. It is a public servants moral obligation to build a trusting relationship with the people and exhibit efficiency, accountability and transparency in public service.