Members of the City Peace and Order Council (CPOC) headed by Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran gathered today at Dahilayan Forest Park for a three-day updating of the peace and order & public safety plan (POPSP). The CPOC is expected to formulate and develop the three-year POPS Plans within 100 days after the assumption of newly-elected LCEs, and implementation will be in January 2023 to December 2025.

Pabillaran, represented on the first day by his executive assistant, Atty. Mitchell Talatala, led the 33 council members, alongside SP chair on peace and order, Councilor Roiland Orquia and city administrator Atty. Anna Marie Bergado. The activity will run from Sept. 21 to 23, 2002, with speakers and facilitators, local government operations officers Cherrylou Lafuente and Sandra Irene Kwong.

City Vice Mayor Estelito R. Marabe and Councilor Roiland Orquia, SP chair on peace and order also attended the updating of the POPS-P, along with (9) other department heads in this planning workshop, along with the chiefs of the PNP and commanders of the three AFP battalions within the jurisdiction of the City. They were joined by other members of the CPOC from both government and non-government organizations which are all mandatory in the council’s composition.

As one of the key councils of the City, the CPOC has led initiatives for public safety based on the DILG Memorandum Circular of 2015 – 128. This same memorandum requires all LGUs to formulate a term-based plan containing programs and projects of the City Government to maintain peace and order, and facilitate public safety of the people. This is also in accordance with RA No. 6975 which mandates the development and establishment of an integrated area/community public safety plan embracing priorities of action and program thrusts for implementation by the local PNP stations.

CLGOO chief Aldrich C. Alaan explained their office, as mandated, will be monitoring and consolidating the POPSP at the local level. In turn, they will provide the same in form of reports to the National Peace and Order Council. The said plan, he explained further, will be reviewed and approved by the CPOC, and that the POPSP will also be the basis for approval of budget allocation for the confidential fund as required for consideration and review of the DILG.

In the next three days, the CPOC will present the financial and physical accomplishment for FY 2020 to 2022, and situational matrices from the PNP and the AFP will be reported. The members were divided into three focus groups, namely crime and disorder, safety, and conflict. Actual planning workshop will take place thereafter, including review of local strategic directions (Vision, Mission and Goals). Groups will also be reviewing and presenting situationers for their specific areas, and these same information will be bases for the planning workshop, too. Apart from establishing objectives, policies, PPAs and strategies, the participants are expected to identify indicators and baseline data. They are also to discuss and decide on funding requirements, implementation arrangements, and systems to use for monitoring and evaluation. It is also expected of the CPOC to communicate the results to the public.