The City Human Resource Management Office conducted Women Inspiring Women: Women Breakthrough Stories on March 20, 2024, at The Garden Party Venue, Malaybalay City. This activity is part of the Women’s Month Celebration under the Gender and Development Program of the City Government.

The activity highlighted and celebrated women’s accomplishments, breakthroughs, and success stories. The rationale of this activity is to inspire and empower women participants through the life story of each resource person.

There were three women speakers invited during this activity. Each talked about her personal experiences, struggles, victories, and breakthroughs. Judge Maria Theresa Aban-Camannong of Regional Trial Court 9 (RTC 9) was the first speaker who emphasized the value of time by using it productively and pursuing one’s goals no matter how difficult. According to her, there are no limits to what a woman can achieve if she only does her best.

The second speaker, Ms. Ivy Amor C. Urbina, City Social Welfare and Development Officer, shared the importance of F.A.I.T.H., which stands for: family, amor, ikigai, time/talent, and happiness. According to Ms. Urbina, the family is your very important and strong support system, especially in times of tribulation. For her, amor (love) tells about the love of the father and doing everything with love. She also believes in finding one’s purpose and reason for living (Ikigai) and flourishing from there. Time and talent, according to her, should be lived in service for others, to inspire, empower, and make others feel important. Lastly, she told everyone to be happy with the present, to embrace the realities and uncertainties in life, for it is where you will find true happiness.

Dr. Shiela Gay Barberan-Bragat, OB Gynecologist, and owner of I.S.I.S. Maternity and Women’s Clinic highlighted the importance of two things: 1) Go out of your comfort zone, venture into new experiences, and do the things that you haven’t done before – these will give yourself time to distress, unwind, unload, and renew your strength. 2) Be strong because you do not know who you are inspiring. According to her, being strong can be achieved if you take care of yourself by living a healthy lifestyle and being with the right people. This activity was actively participated in by 45 attendees coming from the different City Government Offices, who also shared their personal insights and experiences with the group.