organizational structure

Jay Warren R. Pabillaran

City Mayor

Perfecto RAy D. Bayo, Jr. EnP

Project Development Officer IV/Head

Technical Section

Nena D. Conol

Computer Aide Drafting Operator II/Casual

Jeffklein Obid P. gultiano

Engineer I

Mc Mare T. Abucejo

Engineer I

Estate Management Section

Elizabeth P. Suclatan

Community Affairs Officer III

Bedrick A. Tampos

Administrative Aide/driver

Administrative Section

Jocelyn A. Lagumbay

Community Affairs Assistant II

Jona Lou T. Wong

Administrative Aide I/Casual


The City Urban Development and Housing Division is the implementing arm of the City Housing and Resettlement Committee. Directly under the office of the City Mayor the City Urban Development Housing Division, designs, programs, executes and coordinates all plans, projects, and activities relating to the implementation of community-based housing and other appropriate social housing and program packages for designated target clientele/beneficiaries.

To provide secured tenure in an environmentally safe and affordable home lots to less fortunate constituents of Malaybalay.

The Government of Malaybalay has committed to upgrade blighted communities and develop areas for sites and services for the benefit of its qualified beneficiaries.

Latest Accomplishment

1.By Organizing Home Owners Association in our City Housing Projects and registered in to Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development, 2 of our relocation site were recieptient of government’s shelter-related assistance for land development, for San Jose Relocatiom 55M was granted, and also with Linabo Relocation 25M for road concreting with drainage and covered court respectively with the help of Congressman Jhon Flores.

For now, DEVREX Construction started the development in concreting of roads with drainage and covered court at Linabo Site and Services Phase I and II which is now Flores Village with 40% accomplishments. For San Jose Relocation Site bankhouse / storage and groundbreaking is on prepared.

2. Two of our NHA Funded project are soon to be implemented, the Daraghuyan Tribal Village is an IP Housing Project of 80 housing units which a joint venture of NHA and the city government. Thiry-four units of 20 million grant will be built starting in September. The Project contraction is already awarded to to the DEVREX Consruction Firm.

3. Another NHA funded project is the construction of one hundred thirty four (134) housing units/ sisty seven duplex house, amounting to ffifty million(50M) pesos. These units will be constructed of San Jose Relocation Site Phses II that will accommodate those houserholds in hazard prone areas.

4. Several Site Development plan funded by city government of Malaybalay with program of works (POW) and on going projects.


  1. Most of City Housing Projects are in cost and recovery stage, we served monthly billings and notices of monthly amortazation to the beneficiaries to defirent sites and sites that are pending due to road right of way and land titles.


Summary of Activities:

Community Involvement and Monthly Activities

The documented major activities and accomplishments mentioned below is the indication that we have delivered our services and met the expectations of our clients as well as our adherence to the mandates.


Clearing, scraping and gravelling of access road to San Jose Site and Services.

Conducted informal meeting with the 13 households fire victims from Barangay 9 this city related to their lot assignment at the relocation site.

Turn –over and awarding ceremony of lots for the 14 households fire victims at Barangay 9, this city headed by the City Mayor Hon. Florencio T. Flores, Jr. together with Punong Barangay Rodrigo Timones, Punong Barangay Bebina M. Ke-e and Barangay Officials of Barangay 9, Facilitated by the City Urban Development and Housing Division.

Conducted an immediate Land Survey and Monumenting at San Jose Site and Services to accommodate the vulnerable communities

Field work at Barangay Caburacanan, San Jose Site and Services, Patpat Site and Services, Sitio Inhanding, Dalwangan and taking a group picture on the way back to office.

The office facilitated Signing of the Memorandum of Agreement for Daraghuyan Tribal Village. A joint Indigenous Peoples Housing Project by the City Government of Malaybalay, National Housing Authority R-10 and the Daraghuyan Tribe Ancestral Domain. Hon. City Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr. assured the Daraghuyan Tribe organization that the City Government will support this project to realize their long dream of having their houses in their Ancestral Domain. Engr. Madeliene Gilda S. Abellera of NHA also gave an overview of the project and how was this conceptualized and the grant they offered. On the other hand, Bae Inatlawan Bae Adelina D. Tarino responded by saying, she was very happy and thankful that this project have come to this day and very hopeful that this is the beginning of realizing her dream for her IP community. She added that she and her members will take good care of these houses and promised to sustain this even to the future generation. The event was also attended by respective Dept. Heads, Division Heads, members of the Local Housing Board and other stakeholders.

MGB R-10 conducted a Geohazard Inspection of the proposed City Housing Project/Relocation Site at Zone -8, Linabo, this city, together with Barangay Official Headed by Kagawad Euginia Bolivar Bentillo and Purok Chairpersons of the said Barangay whose members living in danger zone areas. Facilitated by the City Mayors Office through the City Urban and Housing Division.

Site visit of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) Region 10 with EnP Grace Saniel and EnP Rain of the Public Housing Division and CUDHD staff at San Jose Site and Services.

Joint ocular inspection with City Agriculture, City Urban Dev’t. and Housing, GK community officers in relation to the formulation of sustainable farm tourism plan and implementation at Gawad Kalinga and City Government Housing at Natid-asan as instructed by the City Mayor Hon. Florencio T. Flores, Jr. This initiative is to provide housing beneficiaries a sustainable livelihood in the objective for an inclusive and comprehensive housing program. Initially, a site evaluation and soil sampling demonstration was facilitated by Engr. Richard Leono to determine suitability of the area for agriculture. Proposed project will follow the diverse agriculture framework.

May 7, 2021, the City Mayor’s Office through the City Urban Dev and Housing Division and the Barangay Council of Dalwangan, this City facilitated a Ritual “Pamuhat” with the Daraghuyan Ancestral Tribe Community. This Pamuhat is a unique to the Lumads before any development commences as the component of the Free and Prior Informed Consent (FPIC). This project is a 1.6 km road opening from Sitio Damitan that will connect Olangohon which the Daraghuyan Tribal Village (IP housing) will be developed through the RAP grant of the National Housing Authority Region 10. This project is made possible of the leadership of the City Mayor Hon. Florencio T. Flores, Jr.

The City Government of Malaybalay through the leadership of Hon. Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr. is undergoing construction of access road from Damitan, Dalwangan to Daraghuyan Heritage Center. This will link to the Daraghuyan Tribal Village to rest of the Barangay. Daraghuyan Tribal Village is an IP housing project that will soon rise with the joint venture of the City Government of Malaybalay and the National Housing Authority Region 10. This will not only serve as the access road but also improves the economic activity of the Sitio and the IP Community.

Facilitated the distribution of the Emergency Housing Assistance Program (EHAP) to 13 households’ fire victim beneficiaries. Hon. City Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr. and the National Housing Authority represented by Engr. Madelaine Gilda Abellera, Division Manager, City Vice Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran, Executive Assistant IV Mr. Brian Flores, Councilor Erwin SP Winky Damasco, Councilor Kathleen Cecille Pagaling dispersed the checks directly to the fire victims. This will help the affected households rebuild their homes after the calamity. Sen. Bong Go also sponsored the beneficiaries.

The City Government of Malaybalay with the proactive leadership of Hon. City Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr. and the National Housing Authority with their Regional Manager Rolando I. Teves, Jr. represented by Engr. Madeleine Gilda S. Abellera, District Manager for Bukidnon, MisOr and Lanao de Norte made a Turn-Over of the Php 15M First tranche Cheque for the Daraghuyan Tribal Village IP Housing Project. Hon. Vice Mayor Jay Warren R. Pabillaran and City Councilor Kathleen Cecille Casinabe Pagaling gave their messages to the beneficiaries, respectively.

Some department heads were also present to witness the event: Mr. Herculano S. Ronolo – City Administrator, Mr. Carlito Juarez, City Accountant, Engr. Adrian R.Gamboa, EnP – City Planning and Development Coordinator, Ms. Arlene Ho – CityBudget Officer, Ms. Rosie T. Dumas – City Treasurer, Engr. Roy A. Lapuz – OIC, City Engineer.

Conducted site visit and Data gathering of identified households living in hazard zone areas like Panamucan, Purok 14 and 15, Barangay San Jose, this city.

The City Housing and Resettlement Committee convened to discuss matters pertaining to plans/projects of the City Government through the Malaybalay CUDHD. It is chaired by the City Mayor himself, Hon. Florencio T. Flores, Jr. and members from different City Dept Heads, NHA, BUSECO, and Malaybalay City Water District. Aside from matters discussed during the meeting, the City Mayor will create an Executive Committee that will oversee and supervise the development of projects.

Note: Strict health protocols have been followed during this event.

Dialogue with the affected households of the road right of way at Barangay Laguitas. The meeting was facilitated by the Office of the Punong Barangay Hon. Rosanna M. Linhay with the personnel of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) and City Urban Development and Housing Office on June 23, 2021 at Barangay Laguitas Covered Court

Project monitoring of the piping installation at San Jose Sites and Services. Water is the first requirement in developing housing projects among others, as this is provided for in BP220 (Socialized and Economic Housing Technical Guidelines).

Conducted a negotiation for a road right of way (access road) for the proposed Cabangahan Site and Services. Done with the initial dialogue and finalization upon formulation of road plan for the project. The CUDHO Malaybalay staff headed by EnP Perfecto Ray Bayo Jr. and CAO Elizabeth Suclatan with Punong Barangay Basiledez Cahucom and some of barangay officials.

Local Interagency Committee (LIAC) Meeting for the Daraghuyan Tribal Village. Composed of Hon. Erwin Damasco (SP), Engr. Roy A. Lapuz (CEO), Engr. Adrian R. Gamboa (CPDO), Ms. Maylin Gantalao, Atty. Julius Michael G. Barroso (LEGAL OFFICE), EnP Perfecto P Ray Bayo Jr. (CUDHD), Engr. Rolando Teves, Jr (NHA), Bae Inatlawan Adelina Tarino (DARAGHUYAN TRIBE) and NCIP.

Facilitated a Turn Over and Awarding Ceremony of Laguitas Site and Services Phase II at Covered Court Laguitas this city. Headed by the Hon. City Mayor Florencio T. Flores, Jr., City Councilor Erwin Damasco, Chairman on Committee on HumanSettlements Land Use on Zoning with the Punong Barangay Rosana Linhay andBarangay Kagawads formally awarded the 74 lots to the affected households by road widening.

Facilitated City Government Local Shelter Plan updating, though the Public Housing Division of the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) Region 10.

The planning group includes: Hon. Erwin A. Damasco – SP Committee Chairperson of the Human Settlements, Land Use and Zoning, CPDO, ASSESSOR, CDRRMO, CSWD, CEO and CUDHO as the Secretariat.

Orientation of Homeowners Association of Malaybalay with the Homeowners Association and Community Division of Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development Region -10 on RA 9904 otherwise known as Magna Carta of HOA.

Empowering homeowners is a grassroots organizing approach that underscores the concept of participation in an endeavor for the general welfare. They are integral in fostering bottom-up approach in doing things.

City Urban Development and Housing Division conducted a social preparation for the tribe members of the Daraghuyan Tribe Ancestral Domain headed by Bae Inatlawan, Adelina D. Tarino. Social preparation is one of the basic steps in socialized housing program development of the City. This will enable the office to know personally the beneficiaries and to determine the socio-economic status of the community

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