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The City Legal Office serves as legal counsel for the City Government of Malaybalay as mandated under Section 481 (b) of R.A 7160 otherwise known as “The Local Government Code of 1991”. Among its objective are:

1.Formulate measures for the consideration of the sanggunian and provide legal assistance and support to the governor or mayor, as the case may be, in carrying out the delivery of basic services and provisions of adequate facilities;

2.Develop plans and strategies and upon approval thereof by the governor or mayor, as the case may be, implement the same, particularly those which have to do with programs and projects related to legal service which the governor or mayor is empowered to implement and which the sanggunian is empowered to provide.

Further, the City Legal Officer, the chief legal counsel of the City Government of Malaybalay, shall take charge of the office of legal services and shall:

a.Represent the local government unit in all civil actions and special proceedings wherein the local government unit or any official thereof, in his official capacity, is a party: Provided, That, in actions or proceedings where a component city or municipality is a party adverse to the provincial government or to another component city or municipality, a special legal officer may be employed to represent the adverse party;

b.When required by the mayor or sanggunian, draft ordinances, contracts, bonds, leases and other instruments, involving any interest of the local government unit and provide comments and recommendations on any instrument already drawn;

c.Render his opinion in writing on any question of law when requested to do so by the mayor or sanggunian;

d.Investigate or cause to be investigated any local official or employee for administrative neglect or misconduct in office, and recommend appropriate action to the mayor or sanggunian, as the case may be;

e.Investigate or cause to be investigated any person, firm or corporation holding any franchise or exercising any public privilege for failure to comply with any term or condition in the grant of such franchise or privilege, and recommending appropriate action to the mayor or sanggunian, as the case may be;

f.When directed by the mayor, or sanggunian, initiate and prosecute in the interest of the local government unit concerned any civil action on any bond, lease or other contract upon any breach or violation thereof; and

g.Review and submit recommendations on ordinances approved and execute orders issued by component units.

3.Recommend measures to the sanggunian and advise the mayor as the case may be on all other matters related to upholding the rule of law;

4.Be in the frontline of protecting human rights and prosecuting any violations thereof, particularly those which occur during and in the aftermath of man-made or natural disasters or calamities; and

5.Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.

The City Legal Office provides advice and support on internal and external legal matters related to the City Government of Malaybalay. Its wide range of legal expertise is an asset to the LGU committed to render legal service / assistance with all good fidelity to the City Government as well as to the public.


The Office ensures that the City Government’s activities are carried out according to its Basic Texts and are consistent with its status Local Government Unit under the 1987 Philippine Constitution, R.A. 7160, the law creating the City of Malaybalay and other pertinent laws.


Be In The Frontline In Protecting And Prosecuting Any Violations Of The Rights And Interests Of The City And Its Constituents On Legal Matters Anchored On The Principles Of Transparency, Accountability, Fairness And Truth.  


To Provide Quality Legal Assistance And Support To The City Government Of Malaybalay And Its Constituents Towards The Effective, Efficient And Equitable Administration Of Justice And Professional Legal Services As Mandated Under The Local Government Code Of 1991.


The City Legal Office traces its beginnings in 2008 when it became an independent department pursuant to the City’s Ordinance No. 624 which created and/or reorganized the staffing pattern of the City Government of Malaybalay.

Before its creation, the Legal Office had been under the supervision of the Office of the City Mayor. In 2000, the office was headed by Atty. Fernando O. Melendez as City Legal Officer, holding a coterminous position. The position was vacated in 2001 when Atty. Melendez was appointed as City Prosecutor.

The position was left vacant until the assumption of Atty. Reginaldo N. Tilanduca in 2003. He was then appointed as City Legal Consultant until 2006.

In the same year, Retired Judge Jesus M. Barroso Jr., was appointed as the Legal Consultant, the position also being under the City Legal Office.

In 2008, the Office of the City Legal Officer was created, Ret. Judge Barroso was appointed as the City Legal Consultant on Special Concerns on Local Governance.

In 2011, Atty. Julius Michael G. Barroso became the City Attorney IV – Officer-in-Charge. Ret. Judge Barroso vacated his Consultancy position in 2018 when Atty. Julius Michael G. Barroso assumed the position of City Attorney V / City Legal Officer.  

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