organizational structure


City Social Welfare and Development Office

Administrative Support Section

Lea B. Tado

AO V(Supply Officer III)

Estrella L. sareno

AO III(Records Officer II)

Gloria C. Agora

Administrative Aide I(Utility Worker I)

Jenelyn C. Genaro

Admin Asst I(Computer Operator I)

divina Rizza S. Pacudan

Administrative Adie III (Clerk I)

Claire Myra L. costonera

Administrative Aide III(Clerk I)

Cesar I. Alsong

Administrative Adie IV (Driver II)

Protective Services Division

hilsam N. Quemada

Social Welfare Officer III

Crisis Intervention Section

Milfe R. Pandan

Social Welfare Officer III

Kevin A. Taghoy

Social Welfare Officer I

Nympha Jane B. Ayco

Social Welfare Aide

Hazel Jane R. Ferrolino

Social Welfare Aide

Women And Children Crisis Center

Marose F. Boradaje

Social Welfare Officer III

Basic Social Services Division

Women Welfare and Early Childhood Development Section

Nora z. Dogomeo

Day Care Worker I

Elca P. Formoso

Day Care Worker I

Child and Youth Welfare Section

Genia c. Francisco

Youth Development Officer III

Rodolfo G. Estaniel, JR.

Youth Development Officer II

Socio-Economic Services Division

Arlene G. Sanchez

Social Welfare Officer IV

Community Welfare and Livelihood Section

reynaldo P. Valdez

Project Development Officer III

Bernard A. Francisco

Project Development Officer I

Joel N. Sinues

Project Development Officer I

Family Welfare and Special Group Section

Emmanuel R. Tomada

Social Welfare Officer III

Kharen Lynn O. Pacturan

Social Welfare Officer II

Darling F. Saratorio

Social Welfare Officer I

As an institution in the Local Government Unit, the City Social Welfare and Development Office serves the most marginalized sectors in the society such as the poor families and communities, women, children, out-of-school, youth, solo parents, persons with disabilities, and senior citizens. Services provided are categorized into family welfare, youth welfare, women welfare, children welfare, community welfare and crisis intervention services. It also implements community-based rehabilitative services for street children, children in conflict with the law and victims of drug abuse; livelihood and other pro-poor projects, as well as relief operations for internally displaced persons.

At present, it has 181 personnel and workers with 27 regular employees, 42 job order employees, and 112 Day Care Workers (MOA) who are guided and inspired by the office vision, values and commitment in extending services and implementing programs for the people of Malaybalay.

The CSWDO established to deliver social support to the needy people in the community and respond to the demands of social services for the people to survive and develop their fullest potential. The wellbeing of the people and their human rights are promoted to help them attain a satisfying standard of living.

The focus of concern of the office is the person, who interacts with his/her environment and is influenced by different systems that caused his maladjustments with his surroundings and resulted to problems and crisis situations. For whatever is the background of the clients served by the office, they are being treated equally and with utmost respect.

A welfare–driven service provider handled by client –centered, values-oriented and God fearing staff, providing effective, responsive, rehabilitative and sustainable services such as Crisis Intervention, Child and Youth Development Protection, Family and Women Empowerment, Socio-economic Upliftment and Special Programs for Persons in Especially Difficult Circumstances for the improvement of the quality of life and the promotion of social justice in the city

To promote social justice through the provision of Social Welfare and Development programs, projects and services among the poor, vulnerable and the disadvantaged individual, family and community, in cooperation with Pos, NGOs, GOs, and other members of society for their empowerment to protect their rights and alleviate poverty.


The implementation of the basic social welfare services used to be spearheaded by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. However, with the passage of Republic Act No. 7160 or the Local Government Code of 1991, the basic social welfare services were devolved to the Local Government Unit. The Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office in the Local Government Unit of Malaybalay was then created. It was headed by Ms. Virginia I. Flores as the MSWD Officer. When the Municipality of Malaybalay was converted into a component city by virtue of Republic Act 8490 in 1998, the MSWDO was then renamed to City Social Welfare and Development Office. Ms. Virginia I. Flores served as its department head until her retirement in September 24, 2019. At present, Ms. Ivy Amor C. Urbina is designated as the officer-in-charge of the City Social Welfare and Development Office.

annual report 2021

Parent Effectiveness Service

Parent Effectiveness Service is a form of seminar/session and is one of the services extended to ensure that parents and caregivers are provided with the knowledge and skills on parenting for them to become fully aware of their roles and duties as parents as well as improvement of their husband-wife relationships. For the year 2021, a total of 249 participants who are selected Pantawid Pamilya members were able to join the said sessions.

Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities Training (ERPAT)

Republic Act 8972 is an Act providing for benefits and privileges to Solo Parents and their children, appropriating funds therefor and for other purposes or the Solo Parents Welfare Act of 2000.

Activities conducted:

  • Issuanceof Solo Parents ID cards to 618 solo parents
  • Conductedorientation to 10 barangays
  • Organized6 solo parent groups
  • Distributionof COVID Essential Kits to 20 solo parents
  • ConductedBasic Business Management Training
  • Facilitatedthe Educational Assistance to 80 children of solo parents

Program for Solo Parents

The ERPAT Program aimed to educate Fathers about their roles in the family. Once fathers know their roles in the home, they will learn to appreciate and understand their purpose. For 2021, there were 3 sessions with
62 participants conducted to Barangay Public Safety Officers (BPSO), Fathers of Children in Conflict with the Law, and to Fathers who are under the aftercare program of the CSWD.

BCPC Strengthening Seminar

The purpose of conducting BCPC Strengthening Seminar is to guide the members of the council that when a “child” is involved immediate action is needed. It is important that council know how to treat children from all types of circumstances and must know how to report incidents of abuse through a child- friendly way.

For the year 2021, the City Social Welfare and Development Office was able to give sessions to 14 BCPCs.

Life Skills Session

Children in conflict with the law are prepared as they are reintegrated in the community. They are taught different life skills so that they can better prepare in their rehabilitation and reintegration to the larger community. For the year 2021, the section was able to conduct 4 life skills sessions given to Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) and their family.

National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week Celebration

Proclamation No. 361 declares the third week of July every year as the National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week which shall culminate on the birthdate of the sublime paralytic: Apolinario Mabini on July 23 each year. During this time, the Persons with Disability will have several activities that would relate to the theme of the celebration. For the year 2021, the celebration was conducted per cluster so that physical distancing and other protocols related to COVID-19 would be followed.

International Day for Persons with Disability

Celebrated on the 3rd of December, the 2021 theme is: “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 world.” In line with the celebration, the Malaybalay City United Persons with Disability Association (MACUPWIDASS) in coordination with the CSWDO conducted a PWD Group cluster organizing. They were also given a leadership lecture in order to help them in strengthening their leadership skills as they guide the Persons with Disability Groups.

Self and Social Enhancement Session for Persons with Disability and Distribution of COVID Essentials kits

COVID-19 has become a global pandemic which affects several aspects in the society as a whole. But the most affected ones are those who are part of the vulnerable sectors which include the Persons with Disability. Due to this pandemic, the lives of the Persons with Disability have never been so tough and full of struggles. The office had pushed forward to reach out to the Persons with Disability so that they can be able to gain strength with the struggles that they are
facing. One of the activities that will be conducted by the office is the Self and Social Enhancement for Persons with Disability. The topics given are those that can help the participants in the improvement of their social interactions. These topics are: Mental Health and Strengthening Family Relationships. With this, four (4) sessions were conducted to a total of 150 participants.

Skills Training for Persons with Disability

Last December 3, 2021, the City Government of Malaybalay thru the City Social Welfare and Development Office conducted a skills training on Meat Processing which was participated by 15 Persons with Disability from Barangay Aglayan. It aimed to help the Persons with Disability augment their income if they would engage into business using the skills that they have learned through the said skills training. The participants were also given starter kits containing Kitchen Knife, Chopping Board, Stainless Basin, Digital Weighing Scale, Frying Pan (Large), Measuring Cups, Measuring Spoons, Wooden Ladle, and Stainless Strainer (Large) which is all worth Two Thousand Pesos (Php 2,000.00) in order to help them start with their business.

Search for Model Filipino Family

Winners of the search for Model Filipino Family were awarded last December 16, 2021 in celebration of the National Filipino Week pursuant to Presidential Proclamation No. 60 issued on September 28, 1992. The winners are:

1st place – Ms. Minerva G. Gabales (Solo Parent) of Kalasungay

2nd place – Vicente & Mercelita Besandre of Dalwangan

3rd place – Reynaldo Robosa & Elvie Robosa of Bangcud

Psychological First Aid Training

Psychological First Aid (PFA) is an initial disaster response intervention with the goal to promote safety, stabilize survivors of disasters and connect individuals to help and resources. The said activity is delivered to affected individuals by trained individuals to assess the immediate concerns and needs of an individual in the aftermath of a disaster. The office was able to train different individuals in the aspect of Psychological First Aid in order to equip them when disaster strikes.


A two-day Basic Business Management Skills and Productivity Skills Development Training on Tocino, Bacon and Chorizo making were conducted in Barangay Dalwangan and Bangcud last December 13-14 and December 15-16, 2021, respectively.

The PSD Training aimed to equip and enhance the capability of solo parents’ skills on meat processing as potential other sources of income to support family needs. A Livelihood Assistance of P2, 500.00 each as initial capital was given to the 40 Solo Parent participants from the Gender and Development Fund. A Starter Kit worth P845.00 which compromises of kitchen knife, chopping board, aluminum basin, burner, stainless steel scissors, frying pan and stainless food tongs were turned over after the training.


The office conducted a two-day Community Volunteers Resource Development in two batches in Barangay Maligaya last November 24- 25, 2021 and December 8-9, 2021 which was participated in by 200 BHWs, BNS, BPSO, CDWs and other barangay stakeholders.

The first day was focused on discovering oneself to deepening of commitment and the spirit of volunteerism. The second day equipped the participants as Community Development facilitator on leadership skills on Facilitating/How to handle Meetings, Communication skills, Conflict Management resolution, Decision Making, Planning skills and Skills Resolution Making.



For School Year 2021-2022, the Day Care Service followed the health guidelines not to conduct face-to-face sessions in the child development centers but instead adapted the Center-based Program in Alternative Learning Venue recommended by the Early Childhood Care and Development Council. A total of 3700 children of ages 3-4 years old were enrolled in the 115 Child Development Centers and are using the activity sheets for their learning at home. The LGU-Malaybalay allocated a budget in the amount of P323,050.00 for the reproduction expenses of the learning activity sheets and to be distributed to all day care children.


The Search for Best ECCD Program Implementation aimed to encourage and challenge the 115 Child Development Workers in the City to continue giving their best and to evaluate the performance of the ECCD service providers in the implementation of Center-Based Program in an Alternative Venue (CBPAV). This was also done to raise awareness to the stakeholders, the Barangay Government Units, the parents and the community to actively participate and support the ECCD program in ensuring a quality  education to young children. In the said activity, the winners were chosen based on the 3 categories from the 7 districts for Best ECCD Program Implementation. The winners received cash and certificate of recognition.


Supplementary Feeding Program (SFP) was funded by the Department of Social Welfare and Development Office X and has benefitted the 3,997 Day Care Children enrolled in the 115 ECCD Facilities of the City. The SFP was implemented through the provision of goods based on the approved menu by the funding agency. Since there are no face-to-face classes, the parents were scheduled to cook and bring the cooked foods to their children using food storage. Every day, two (2) menus were cooked by assigned parents for the duration of the 60 days’ implementation.


The Child Development Workers identified and prioritized the learning program materials that they perceived as their needs in their respective Child Development Centers. The multi-media/television and other learning materials was provided to the 114 Child Development Centers to support the meaningful
and enjoyable learning experiences of the children.


This year, the section was able to conduct different livelihood products such as food and home care products. These were conducted to KALIPI groups based on their request/need. With this, a total of  40 Livelihood Skills Demonstrations were conducted. These included 14 Fabric Conditioner Mixing, 4 Dishwashing Liquid Soap, 12 Laundry Powder Soap Mixing, 1 Longganisa Making, 5 Banana Chips Making, 1 Pineapple Processing, 1 Candle Making, 1 Floorwax Making, 1 Coin Purse Making.


As a support to the women sector in the city, the office initiated the Women’s Forum Showcase. The activity was conducted on December 10, 2021
at the People’s Hall, New City Hall which was participated by 51 KALIPI members. They also brought their entries for products in two categories: Most Innovative Food Products and Handicraft or Non- Food Products. They received cash prizes which will be used for additional capital for their group initiated livelihood

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