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Barangay Profile

Barangay Dalwangan is situated along national highway in the northwestern part of the City. It is 12 kilometer away from the heart of Malaybalay City proper. The barangay is bounded in the north by natural boundary of Ipoon creek dividing Barangay Impalutao of the Municipality of Impasug-ong based on the Mindanao and Sulu Code, in the south by Kalatugonan Creek, a natural boundary of Barangay Capitan Angel and, in the east by Barangay Patpat and in the west by Ipoon creek covering the Eastern part of Mt. Kitanglad arrange.

It has a total land area of 6,825 hectares. The 3, 825 hectares or 54.04% is classified as alienable and disposable while 3,000 hectares or 43.93% is classified as forestland. The terrain is characterized by flat and rolling hills in the north and eastern boundaries to mountainous in the western region. A vast valley can be found in the southern periphery. The type of soil is clay loam which is suitable for planting sugarcane, corn, rice, banana, and vegetables and other crops that thrives depending on the elevation suitable for its variety.


The barangay officials has been tasked to serve the community and lead the residents in the pursuit for a better economy through corporate efforts in establishing programs, projects and trustworthy public service, to promote social justice and economic well-being and contribute to national development. To obtain this mission, Barangay Dalwangan is committed to apply effective mechanisms mandated by existing laws vested upon by the constitution of the Republic of the Philippines.


We envisioned Barangay Dalwangan as center of biodiversity, ecotourism, and home of the Philippine Eagle as well as the major producer of high valued crops, poultry and livestock in the City of Malaybalay; preserving cultural heritage of indigenous people with a sustainable community of God-fearing, law abiding citizens, and aiming for education, protecting and preserving natural resources and a well-maintained infrastructure and accountable leaders.

Historical Background

Long time ago, there was a native house constructed in a valley. All passers-by in the trail nearby rested in the house. The location was ideal for resting because of the shade and comfort that the house in the valley provided. Every time that people would plan for a journey and ask where to rest, they will just ask “Dalwangan”, which means “shed in a valley”.

“Sil-ipon” is the original name of Barangay Dalwangan. It is a creek found in the northeastern part more or less one kilometer away from the present barangay. “Sil-ipon” in the native dialect means to peep. In the early nineteen hundreds (1900s), the barrio suffered an epidemic called “makalaas” or smallpox that caused countless deaths in their homes. Neighbors just peeped at the dead bodies hence the term “sil-ipon”. The survivors of the disease outbreak left the place and made temporary hut made of roofed bagyang leave “specie of gabi or batok” in the present barangay. There are only five families that made “batok” namely Juanito Casinabe, Evaristo Pandong, Datu Mambagrahan, Domingo Dumindin and Mandandoy.

In 1913, the place was made into a barrio and the term Dalwangan became its official name. On March 26, 1915 Governor Manuel Fortich, Governor of Bukidnon appointed Juanito Casinabe as the first barrio lieutenant. Under his leadership, residents flocked and encouraged to build their houses and have their own livelihood. He was succeeded by Pedro Sumintan, Mauricio D. Bagiohan, Federico Daonlay, Leoncio Solomon and Benito L. Rojas, Sr. in the 1982 Barangay election, Conrado M. Dumindin was elected as Punong Barangay. After the term of Conrado M. Dumindin has ended, he was succeeded by Renierey R. Martinez and the returnee Benito L. Rojas, Sr. then Esperanza R. Martinez followed by Rolando S. Lino-ay on 2010 Elections and on 2014 Esperanza R. Martinez was again became the Punong Barangay until her position was succeeded by Punong Barangay Kathleen Cecille C. Pagaling, by virtue of majority after the last term Barangay Election on May 14, 2018. On May 13, 2019, PB Pagaling was elected to the position of City Councilor of Malaybalay City. By way of succession, the first Kagawad, then Raul B. Pandong, succeeded her as the Punong Barangay of Dalwangan continuing her term until 2022.

List of Punong Barangay of Dalwangan
Barangay Captain Year Appointed
Juanito Casinabe 1913-1942
Pedro Sumintan 1942-1945
Mauricio D. BAgiohan 1945-1954
Federico Daonlay 1954-1960
Benito L. Rojas, Sr. 1964-1981
Conrado M. Dumindin 1982-1989
Reneirey R. Martinez 2008-2010
Esperanza R. Martinez 2008-2010
Kathleen Cecille C. Pagaling 2018-2019
Raul B. Pandong 2019-present
Contact Information

contact no.:

0935-905-2930 / 0906-242-7526