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Description/ Nature Of The Project

This program aims to improve the provision of services especially to the constituents living in the distant rural barangays of Malaybalay City. The team rendering the services are composed of the various front-line  offices, namely: City Health Office, City Social Welfare and Development Office, City Civil Registrar Office, City Assessor’s Office, City Agriculture Office, City Veterinary Office, City Treasurer Office and the City Mayor’s Office.

The services are as follows:

City Mayor’s Office: Feeding Program; Handog Tsinelas

City Health Office: Medical Check-up; Dental Services; Random Blood Sugar Test; Visual Inspection of Cervix with Acetic acid VIA;

City Social Development Office: Listing of solo of parents, PWD, VAWC, Senior Citizen, Out of School Youth and Philhealth Concerns;

City Civil Registrar Office: Registration of birth, marriage and death; Correction of clerical error, change of first name under RA 9048; Securing NSO copy of birth, marriage and death;

City Assessors Office: Certification for scholarship, medical, financial assistance, ITR Exemption & Solo Parent; Computation of real property tax, location, inspection of Building, transfer tax and realty tax

City Agriculture Office; Distribution of HCVV, Bio-N, Abaca, Lacatan, IEC Materials and vegetable seeds; Food Processing

City Veterinary Office: Spay & Neuter (Kapon); Castration (Ligate); Anti-Rabies for Dog; Consultation for Animals

City Treasurer Office: Delivered bills; received bills; collection of payments for real property tax, etc.


To facilitate the delivery of basic services – medical, dental, social, agricultural, veterinary, civil registration, mass wedding, tax assessment and collection as well as feeding programs to the 46 barangays of Malaybalay City through the concept of government on wheels that brings government services closer to its constituents.


Efficient, accessible and equitable provision of basic services especially to the rural and far flung barangays of Malaybalay City.


The Hatud Serbisyo sa Barangay Program started in February 2014. Primarily, the purpose of the program is to deliver basic services closer to the people especially in the far flung barangays of the City. The program is a concerted effort of the frontline offices such as the City Mayor’s Office, City Civil Registrar, City Health, Agriculture, Assessor, Veterinary, Social Welfare and Development and City Treasurer’s.

Also, the program aims to facilitate the delivery of the following services:  civil registration and mass weddings; medical and dental services; certifications and listing of different social services; real property tax assessment; veterinary services; agricultural services; and collection of taxes on site.

Currently, the present administration considers the Hatud Serbisyo sa Barangay as one of its top priority projects. Consequently, it augmented the allocation for the said program with the ultimate goal of strengthening the provision of accessible and equitable basic services to serve the people right at the doorsteps of their barangays.


First 100 Days Accomplishment Report Under The Present Administration

Currently, the present administration has already served ten (10) barangays. As reflected below, the following services has rendered a number of services, to wit:


City Health Office: 2, 260 clients served
City Veterinary Office: 171 services/ 56 clients served
City Agriculture Office: 3, 991 services/ 911 clients served
City Civil Registrar Office: 138 services rendered
City Assessor’s Office: 83 clients served
CSWD: 107 services rendered/ 100 clients served
City Treasurer’s Office: 623 services rendered/ 503 clients served


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