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Barangay Profile

Barangay Kibangay has a total land area of 5,217 hectares where majority is classified as forestland. The Barangay is bounded in the north by Manalog, Northeast by Barangay Busdi, in the south by Can-ayan, in the southeast by Barangay Caburacanan, in the west by Barangay Sumpong and in the northwest by Barangay Kalasungay. Poblacion Kibalabag is 18 Kilometers away  from Malaybalay urban center.


Barangay Kibalabag thru its elected barangay officials shall promote programs, projects & activities, fits to the primary needs of its constituent, a competent generation globally thru education.


Barangay Kibalabag envision to be a well-known makers and traders of handicrafts, protector of the environment that is the source of quality and cold potable water, with educated people who are God-loving, living in peaceful community managed by responsible and hard-working barangay officials

Historical Background

In 1910, Datu Manukil, a well-known community organizer of the area established in the estern portion of Malaybalay by settlement now known as Barangay Kibalabag. The settlement was then initially led by Dunato Lindaban. The tribe of which the members of the settlement belong to are from Bukidnon of Tagoloan. At that same time, Señor Manolo Fortich had just arrived in the Municipality to serve in the capacity as Governor.

Dunato Lindaban was deemed a good and excellent leader and had the support from his people. Due in part to his benevolent and good leadership, he was personally requested by Señor Manolo Fortich to assume the control and responsibility for the natives in the area.

They named the place “Bangkal”, a native term for thick forests that cannot be cleared through the practice of kaingin. When world war II broke out, Bangkal became a haven for evacuees from Malaybalay. Datu Lindaban accommodated and provided supplies, especially much needed medical treatment. Unfortunately, he died before the war ended. He was succeeded by his son-in-law Gerardo Luranza.

After the war, Señor Manolo Fortich showed is appreciation for a job well done. Gerardo Luranza then became the first tenyente del Baryo through a resolution submitted to the Provincial Government. When he died in 1965, he was succeed by Agripino Lindaban who change the name of the Barangay from “Bangkal” to “Kibalabag”, the current name of the barangay. The name means the warrior cannot enter the place because the water blocks its way.

The following are the set of leaders who served the barangay.

Barangay Captain Year Appointed
Datu Man-ukil 1910
Dunato Lindaban 1915-1945
Gerardo Luranza 1945-1965
Agripino Lindaban 1965-1968
Cipriano Aud (OIC) 1968-1969
Florentino Lindaban 1969-1989
Honorato Libuhan (OIC) 1973
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