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Barangay Profile

Barangay Laguitas is situated near Sawaga River that transverse from the northwest to the southwest of Malaybalay, the summer capital of Bukidnon.

Laguitas was a small fertile valley, where the two (2) big creek flows around. The vegetation were wild flower, fruits vegetables and trees. This was inhabited by different wild animals that make the place more beautiful and wonderful variety as if planted and maintained by human hands. At the center of the valley, there was a big balite tree and a big flat sardonyx stone.


To ensure the well-being of its people, the barangay Government of Laguitas will work hard for the proper use of its natural resources and through cooperation and unity of its people, become a peaceful and progressive Barangay


Barangay Laguitas is envisioned to be an Agro industrial barangay with well-maintained infrastructure support, ecologically-balanced environment, preservation of culture initiated through community effort, strong family built on trust of united, well educated, healthy and God-fearing people with dynamic and transparent leaders.

Historical Background

The name “QUITAS”, was believed, a young beautiful maiden seen sitting at the big flat sardonyx stone form like a pilot seat beside the big balite tree every full moon. As the old folks heard someone calling her one full moon, she had a long black hair cascading below the waist with fragrance of velvet flowers. She walked and used to play with birds and other wild animals that also lived in the place. They believed that the fair maiden was a fairy. When the Spanish colonizer of Malaybalay came to visit the place and heard the story, they named the place ”LAGUITAS”, meaning the young beautiful maiden who once lived in a beautiful placed believed to a lost Paradise.

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