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Barangay Profile

Barangay Linabo is composed of eight (8) Puroks with a total land area of 6,182 hectares. It is bounded in the North by Barangay Laguitas, in the south by Barangay Violeta, north east by Barangay Managok, in the east by Barangay Maligaya and in the west by Barangay Aglayan. The terrain is 30% plain, 8% mountainous and 62% rolling.  Climate is cool and temperate by about 1ºC compared to other barangays.


Barangay Linabo will become a peaceful community, God-loving, able to stand on its own and shall be equip with knowledge so that the people’s welfare will be adequately delivered and their basic needs dutifully addressed using present resources without jeopardizing the future needs of the next generation.


We envision Barangay Linabo as a center of basic education in the eastern part of Malaybalay, a peaceful community, God loving and self-reliant with diverse agriculture –based economy working to preserve and protect the environment and recognizing the importance of information technology and governed by transparent and united leaders.

Historical Background

Linabo was once a village 15 – kilometer South of Malaybalay proper, inhabited by minority group called Bukidnons who were ruled by two “Datu” (tribal leaders) namely Datu Manghanginon and Datu Mansikyabo. The Bukidnons called this place “EMPALAGAO” meaning a forestal area. Its terrain was suited for agriculture, but villagers were engaged in “Kaingin” or slash and burn method which was the popular method of farming that time. They planted corn and other root crops for subsistence.

One day while the two tribal leaders were conversing in their Kaingin, they saw a tall grass that grew at the center of the village. They called it “NALUBO” a native term for bunch of Cogon grass. Somehow the two Datu changed the name of the village from EMPALAGAO to NALUBO.

During the American occupation, the Americans visited the place. One of the Datu gave “NALUBO” as the name of their village in answer to the inquiry of the foreigners.

Nalubo comes out to be twist of tongue by the Americans because they uttered it as “LINABO” in their communications. Thenceforth, villagers used the name until today.

Leaders of the Barangay
Barangay Captain Administrative Year
Doroteo Ugtal 1930
Theogenes B. Ramayan Late 1930’s
Josefo Evangelista Early 1950’s
Amado Evangelista 1958 to 1959
Mariano Mendez 1959 to 1962
Eriberto D. Capacio 1962 to 1972
Rodrigo C. Bolivar 1972 to 1974
Eladio V. Estacio 1974 to 1982
Teodoro D. Adecer 1982 to 1985
Felizardo Edralin 1985 to 1989
Manuel Evangelista 1989 to 2007
Arthur T. Bolivar 2007 to 2010
Manuel Evangelista 2010 to 2016
Edgar L. Hernando Present
Contact Information

Contact no.:

0917-300-4539 / 0916-907-6037