Barangay Profile

Barangay Magsaysay has an area of 2,450 hectares of plain and rolling lands. It is 10 kilometers southwest from the city proper. The type of soil is clay loam, It is bounded in the north by Sitio Sta. Ana of Barangay Casisang, in the south by Barangay Aglayan, in the easth by sitio Balition of Barangay San Jose and in the west by Sitio Tomagawe of Barangay Mapayag.


In order to achieve this vision, we, the people of Barangay Magsaysay guided by the active and responsible leader, and in collaboration with private sector, seek to address all sectoral issues in education, health, nutrition, peace and order, youth and sports, infrastructure, economic and environment as well as administration and governance. It is our desire and hope that we will be moving towards economically improved community and total human development.


We envision Barangay Magsaysay as Agricultural and economically progressive with God-fearing and self-reliant citizen enjoying better quality of life in ecologically balanced community, preserving our cultural heritage governed by transparent, honest and pro-active leaders.

Historical Background

Many years ago, in a little sitio named “Dologon” which was then a part of Barangay CAsisang, the inhabitant were mostly natives. In 1957, people from different places migrated to the small community. The population started to grow and from them two leaders emerge in the person of Mr. Juan Tadlas and Mrs. Vicenta Tilanduca who wanted to elevate the status of the place from Sitio to Barrio. The leaders called for a meeting and discussed the proposal. In 1958, after several months of hardwork and with the approval from the Province Board of Bukidnon, the sitio became Barangay Magsaysay. Mrs. Vicenta Tilanduca became the first elected Barangay Captain.

Leaders in the Barangay
Barangay Captain Year
Vicenta G. Tilanduca 1958-1971 1972-1974 (Teniente del Barrio)
Juan Tadlas 1972-1974 (Teniente del Barrio
Anecita Torayno 1974-1983 (Barangay Captain -Elected)
Romeo Tilanduca 1983-1989 (Barangay Captain -Appointed)
Emeterio G. Olarte 1989-1994 (Punong Barangay)
Virgilio G. Tadlas 2007-2010 (Punong Barangay)
Cesarmento G. Calsis 1994-2007, 2010 up to present (Punong Barangay)
Contact Information

contact no.:

0906-943-6502 / 0997-628-7310