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Flaviano T. Gapol, Jr.
Punong Barangay

Arthur O. Melendez
Barangay Kagawad
Danilo F. Mareno
Barangay Kagawad
Myrna T. Torres
Barangay Kagawad
Alger R. Estardo
Barangay Kagawad
Liezl T. Lastimosa
Barangay Kagawad
Gleendale V. Belderol
Barangay Kagawad
Ely C. Namoc
Barangay Kagawad

Barangay Profile

Barangay One is the biggest Barangay in the Poblacion in terms of area. Majority of the household head’s income are low. With the increasing demands of housing needs, it is one of the major concern and ultimate goal of the Barangay Government for them to generate additional income especially those that were considered as urban poor.

Alternative source of income such as livelihood projects is necessary for them to provide the basic needs of their family. The Barangay identified potential livelihood project beneficiaries and to ensure that those indigents will be given priority.

Generally, the whole Barangay is grateful for its peaceful and God-given natural  resources.  Majority of the populace are professionals and are government and private employees who are mostly Cebuano spoken and Catholics by religion thus making Barangay One a peace-loving and a God-fearing community. To augment their present income, they are part time farmers and businessmen/women during week-ends.


Barangay One Undertakes To Continue Serving The People With Dynamic And Committed Leaders, With Family-Oriented, God-Loving, Healthy, Secured And Empowered Constituents Sustainably Managing The Environment And Promoting Vibrant Economy.


Barangay One Envisioned To Promote A Dynamic Leadership Working As A Team Concerned With Ecological Balance, Economic Development And Well-Being Of Its Constituents.

Historical Background

Historical records show that sometime in 1910, a group of Higa-onons (highlanders) were the first to settle in the place. They were classified as Malay-Indonesian breed. The typical Higa-onon is a combination of three types: The Negrito mixture, the Visayan breed and the European-Indian Arab mixture. The early Higa-onons were nomadic but they eventually settled down in a certain place at an indefinite time.  They live in tree-houses (batangan) or in a large house occupied by several families, raised high in stilts (tulugan) to escape the spears of the Magahats or Mangangayam (head hunters).

With the declaration of Martial Law in 1972, PD 86 and PD 86 A and 210 were passed creating barangays in the Poblacion or urban centers of the municipality and chartered cities where there were no legal barrios existing with the mayors of chartered cities and municipalities to extend formal appointments to Barangay Captain and leaders in the area. With this provision as the basis, then Mayor Timoteo C. Ocaya appointed 20 barangay captains for the Poblacion alone. This was done in the middle part of 1973. The idea of creating 20 barangays in the Poblacion was patterned after that of the purok system because it was at this time where the purok leaders have shown their enthusiasm and willingness to serve the community. It was for this reason that the Municipal Mayor automatically appointed all the purok leaders as the Barangay Chairman and converted the puroks into barangays in accordance with law.

After a year of operation, Mayor Ocaya had sensed that the group of 20 barangay chairmen have become unwieldy and a number of barangay chairmen have signified their intentions to resign from their post. It was further argued that the population requirements as mandated in the local government should be satisfied, meaning each barangay should have at least a minimum of 1,000 populace. In view of the foregoing, the Municipal Council on December 1974, passed Resolution Numbers 146-74 and 249-74 and an implementing Ordinance No. 87 s. 1974 reducing the number of barangays from 20 to 11 and appointing thereof their respective chairman. As a consequence, merging of barangays has resulted as well as an alteration of political boundaries were affected. Necessarily, the Municipal Mayor had to appoint another set of barangay officials resulting from its revamp. Barangay Number 1 manned by Attorney Manuel R. Valdez and Barangay 6 manned by Judge Alfredo Lagamon were merged into one and is now called Barangay 1.

The following is a list of early leaders of Barangay 1:

Barangay Captain Year Appointed
Atty. Manuel R. Valdez 1973-1975
Mr. Enrico C. Mangubat 1975-1981
Mr. Sergio H. Tura 1981-1982
Atty. Arcadio D. Fabria 1982-1989
Mr. Nestor P. Ponteras 1989-1994
Mr. Amado C. Estrada 1994-2001
Mr. Jose P. Berderol 2001-2002
Mr. Gabriel P. Alima 2002-2013
Engr. Cromwell D. Dinlayan 2013-2017
Atty. Flaviano T. Gapol, Jr. 2017-to Date
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