organizational structure

Priscilla G. Tilanduca
City Civil Registrar

Admin Support Staff

Arlyn L. Melendez
Records officer II
Rubie Jean T. Timones
Administrative Aide II (Property Custodian)
Robert L. Violo
Administrative Aide IV (Driver II)

Registration division

Elizabeth B. Candia
Registration Officer IV

Birth & Death Section

Susan F. Llido
Registration Officer III
Carmelito L. De Los Santos
Administrative Assistant II(Clerk IV)
Administrative Aide IV(Clerk III)
Administrative Aide III(Clerk I)

Marriage Section

Janilie Mae R. Lliren
Registration Officer III
Bernandita P. Bada
Registration Officer I
Teresita L. Bingat
Administrative Aide IV (Clerk III)
Evelyn O. Royo
Administrative Aide IV (Clerk II)

Records Division

Jully G. Corrigedor
Supervising Admin Officer

Records Section

Roland T. Ramao
Records Officer III
Tracy Ann C. Tabas
Administrative Assistant II (Computer Operator II )
Gilbert P. Tejada
Administrative Aide IV (Bookbinder II)

Research Section

Wilwyn L. Anguay
Records Officer III
Daniel C. Estenzo
Administrative Assistant II (Clerk IV)
Adminsstrative Aide IV

nature of office

     The City Civil Registry Office was created under Republic Act 7160 (Local Government Code of 1991). This office provides social services relative to civil registration under Commonwealth Act 3753 of 1930. Its primary function is to conduct basic and compulsory registration of all vital events and the accompanying changes in the marital status of every Filipino citizen. Legally, these establish the occurrence of birth, death, or marriage and therefore provide prima facie evidence of facts surrounding these events.

     Since this social services categorically a continuous, permanent, compulsory, and universal recording of the occurrence and characteristics of vital events (live births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and divorces) and other civil status events pertaining to the population as provided by decree, law or regulation, in accordance with the legal requirements in the country.

     The office registers court decrees of marital annulment, divorce under the provision of Muslim Code of the Philippines, Judicial Correction of Entries, Correction of Clerical Error, gender, day & month of the date of birth and Change of First Name under Republic Act 9048 and Republic Act 10172. Supplemental Report for blank entries, electronic endorsement of negative registration, advance copy of security paper, Batch Request Entry System (BREQS) and issuances of extracted Forms 1A, 3A, 2A.


An Office, handled by service-oriented staff, that delivers with integrity, efficiency and promptness, accurate data us Civil Registration bringing about customer satisfaction.

Commitment Statement

We the employees of the City Civil Registry Office commit to render services to the best of our ability and capability as public servant. We also promote transparency and integrity in serving our clients to avoid corruption and bribery. So help me God.

Sevice Values

     Prompt Service

     Client Centered Staff

     Quality Service

     Team Work

     Value Oriented Staff

Contact Information


(088) 813-5816