organizational structure

Rosie T. Dumas
Assistant City Treasurer/Acting City Treasurer

Admin Support Staff

Cecilia S. Alar
Administrative Officer III (Rec. Officer II)
Ignacio Luis Conde
Administrative Aide IV(Driver)
Elmer S. Roldan
Administrative Aide III(UW II)

Cash Division

Bella Stephanie B. Saavedra
Sup. Admin Officer (Cashier IV) Acting Assistant City Treasurer

General Fund Section

Shoro Tate L. Labra
Admin Officer I (Cashier I)

Record Management Section

Ellah R. Mutia
Admin Officer V (Cashier III)
Vicente D. Gaamil
Admin Officer I (Records Officer I)

Revenue Generation

Ronrlio O. Tado
Local Revenue Collection Officer IV

Business License & Real Property Section

Jose Arcaya Jr.
License Officer III

Collection Section

Teresita P. Violo
Local Rev. Coll. Officer III


Kenneth Brian G. Dominguez
Local Rev. Coll. Officer II
Rosele A. Rubillos
Rev. Coll. Clerk II
Merlinda T. Solon
Rev. Coll. Clerk II
Trixie Gabrielle G. Singatao
Rev. Coll. Clerk I

Real Property

Resty T. Marañon
Rev. Coll. Clerk III
Ruth L. Dinlayan
Rev. Coll. Clerk II
Rochelle E. Dinlayan
Rev. Coll Clerk II
Abegail A. Cruz
Rev. Coll. Clerk II


Amor A. Layson
Local Rev. Coll. Clerk III

Record Management Section

Raffy R. Rubillos
Admin Officer V. / (Record Officer III)


Jesa P. Ellevera
Admin Asst. II (Clerk IV)

Real Property

Ana Liza Ravelo
Admin Asst. III (Comp Op II)
Vilma O. Deligero
Admin Asst. II (Clerk IV)

Office Description

City treasurers Office are primarily responsible for managing the revenue and cash flow of the agency, banking, collection, receipt, reporting, custody, investment or disbursement of City funds.

Service Vision

An office with competent and customer-friendly staff, that collects taxes and other revenues, and does disbursement functions using transparent and systematic procedures, disseminating updated tax information, and motivating constituents to pay their taxes willingly and promptly.

Office Commitment

In order to sustain TRUST and CONFIDENCE of the paying public, we commit to adhere and implement strictly all office plans, policies and procedures. We swear to be vigilant to any wrong doings and to be transparent to all official transactions to prevent corruption in our workplace.