organizational structure

Dr. Michelle C. Miquiabas
City Veterinarian

Administrative Support Services

Felbert Ceballos
Clerk IV
Benedecto Malinao, Jr.
Driver II

Meat Inspection Division

Dr. Cynthia Fregwel Tabaco
Veterinarian IV

Maintenance Section

Meshelle Catabas
Slaughterhouse Master III
Bonifacio Amoncio
Utility worker II
Rosalie Lapeceros
Administrative Aide III / Utility Worker

Anti- Mortem Section

Dr. Mary Lou Condino
Veterinarian III
Jenica Guinintaran
Meat Inspector I
Pocholo Lucenta
Livestock Inspector II
Edwin Bustria
Livestock Inspector II

Post Mortem & Post Abattoir Section

Dr. Loraice Madrio
Veterinarian III
Butch Ariel Tenorio
Meat Control Officer I
Arnold Montañez
Meat Inspector III
Jesse James Y. Estrada
Meat Inspector II

Animal Health & Production Division

Dr. Mary Ann Valdez
Veterinarian IV

Animal Health Section

Dr. Mark Ferdinand Arambala
Veterinarian III
Ivy B. Meliston
Livestock Inspector II

Animal Production Section

Alexis I. Flores II
Agriculture Center Chief I

Large animals

Phile Rae M. Bonggo
Livestock Inspector II
Annabel C. Sia
Livestock Inspector II

Small animals

Ernesto E. Madelo
Agriculturist II


An Office, Handled By Client-Focused, Reliable,Committed & God-Fearing Staff  That Promotes Livestock And Poultry  Development, Secures Public Safety From Any Form Of Communicable Diseases, Ensures An Economically Sound Agribased Environment Through Sustainable, Responsive Veterinary Services And Through Information, Education And Communication, At The Same Time Continuously Improving Office Processes, Systems, And Policies,By Acting On Feedback And Suggestions From Both Internal And External Customers And By Strictly Implementing Office Programs.

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